Shanghai’s persistence in fighting the epidemic means victory in the hearts of 700,000 People in Dujiangyan

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Mountains and rivers are unimpeded.In the process of interviewing this story, both ends of the phone, some choked up…On the evening of March 28, we sent a message from Dujiangyan: “It is our honor to deliver this trip of materials to Shanghai on behalf of 700,000 old people in Dujiangyan.”At noon on March 31, Ou, a freight maintenance driver in Dujiangyan Transportation Security Center, says this moving word on his way back.At this time, he and 23 other crew colleagues were on the highway back to Dujiangyan, driving to anhui province, some light rain, the speed gradually slowed.Recently, due to the epidemic, the vegetable supply in Shanghai has been affected to a certain extent. The Dujiangyan municipal government quickly organized fresh vegetables to provide support to Shanghai.On March 28, dujiangyan major vegetable bases, vegetable planting cooperatives and vegetable leading enterprises received the supply demand, in the shortest time 127 tons of vegetables ready in place.That night, Ben Olsen takes 10 freight trucks, 20 drivers and three security guards to Shanghai.Ouben, chief of dujiangyan’s convoy to Shanghai, takes more than 2,000 kilometers and nearly 40 hours to run.Ben Ou: 24 people in a line, if they are hungry, they can make simple supplies in the service area. If they are sleepy, they will change shifts every 10 hours. We must send this support to Shanghai as soon as possible.”This time in Shanghai, it’s a different feeling,” says Ou.In 2008, Shanghai helped build our Dujiangyan. Today, on behalf of 700,000 Dujiangyan residents, we are honored to help Shanghai.”At 13:00 on March 30th, the motorcade arrived at Baoji warehouse, Cao Road, Pudong New Area.At the brief handover ceremony, Song Jiandong, second researcher of Pudong New Area Government Cooperation and Exchange Office, delivered a letter of thanks on behalf of pudong New Area District Committee and district government.”We are deeply grateful and moved that the people of Dujiangyan have sent us so many fresh vegetables,” he said.”The deep friendship between minjiang and Huangpu River is even stronger in this joint fight against COVID-19.”Dujiangyan vegetables arrived in Shanghai handling, stamping, counting……Po shang Cao road for large warehouse, the staff is busy carrying vegetables off, a busy.”I just saw the vegetables, they are very fresh, I feel the care of dujiangyan relatives, thank you very much!”Liu Sencai, head of pushang Caolu Supply warehouse, said that after receiving the vegetables, they will be packed at the fastest speed and with the highest efficiency and distributed to frontline anti-epidemic personnel, people in need and community residents in the first time.This is a heavy kinship, a period of historical interweaving of Shanghai and Dujiangyan city friendship……Water linked, heart seal May 12, 2008, above sichuan, there is a national war.After the May 12 Wenchuan earthquake, Shanghai municipality, in accordance with the unified deployment of the state, supported the post-disaster reconstruction of Dujiangyan City with an investment of 8.25 billion yuan and completed 117 post-disaster reconstruction projects.After the completion of the construction assistance, Shanghai has continued to carry out long-term cooperation in education, health, labor, tourism, business and investment.Since then, Dujiangyan and Shanghai have forged a deep friendship.10 cars, the front of the car is pasted with “Grateful Shanghai” four characters, the side of the car is also pasted with “drink the same river, grateful Shanghai people” and other thanks to Shanghai sentences……”We drove through the night without stopping, thinking about the moving scenes when Shanghai helped build Dujiangyan.”Team driver Huang Ping introduced that today’s starry night is to send the freshest vegetables to Shanghai relatives, let Shanghai relatives know that the hearts of the people of both places will always be together.During the interview with Tang Yao, director of the Contact Center of the Dujiangyan Municipal People’s Government in Shanghai, there was a lump in both ends of the phone.”After the Wenchuan earthquake, Shanghai assisted dujiangyan construction, and the three-year task was completed in two years. Dujiangyan people will never forget this,” Tang said.After the completion of the construction of Dujiangyan scenery, the cooperation, exchanges and non-governmental exchanges between Shanghai and Dujiangyan have become closer.”I heard that Shanghai is facing difficulties, and many dujiangyan enterprises and people are asking what needs Shanghai still has and what we can do.”Tang Yao said.”Huangpu River minjiang River, water and water connected.Shanghai Dujiangyan, heart to heart.”Ms. Tang said it more than once in a telephone interview.Tang Yao has been working in Shanghai for nearly 10 years. Her feeling about Shanghai is that she is down-to-earth and tolerant.There are many places to learn from in Shanghai, and I can bring a lot of the latest information and cutting-edge technical knowledge to my hometown Dujiangyan.Dujiangyan scenery Shanghai and Dujiangyan this friendship, to the real.In the words of Dujiangyan Rong Media Center, “The distance in space and the passage of time have not blocked the friendship between the two places, but become deeper and deeper.A mountain, a bay and a weir, the waters of minjiang River have flowed through Dujiangyan for thousands of years, nourishing the land and recording the endless care between Dujiangyan and Shanghai.”On the truck back to Dujiangyan, Ouben says, “Friends in Shanghai, please be patient and wait. After the epidemic, everyone is welcome to take a break in Dujiangyan.”Tang Yao tearfully told the story of cooperation and exchanges between the two places over the years, saying, “I hope the epidemic will pass as soon as possible. Come on, Shanghai!(Photo provided by Internet Information Office of Dujiangyan Municipal Party Committee and Dujiangyan Rong Media Center)