King of glory: tiger market which skin worth exchanging?Change these 7 skin not to lose

2022-08-15 0 By

Yesterday, xiaobaijun introduced the rose Treasure Pavilion worth redeemable skin list, according to the request of fans, this issue we will talk about the tiger market worth redeemable skin.Xiaobaijun personally feel, there are 7 epic skin, brush must exchange, guarantee not to lose!Next, check out today’s Revelations!Tiger bazaar activity time on January 25 solstice on February 15, including 25 January solstice on February 8, tiger cake can be got through participate in daily tasks, tiger cakes can sell for tiger COINS, tiger currency pool can be used to refresh the prize award, the most can obtain a skin (the brave/epic), pool will refresh cumulative number for every time I refresh,When the refresh times reach 10 times, 20 times, 40 times, 60 times, the gift box level is improved and corresponding rewards are unlocked.When the refresh times reach 20 times, there will be a “flying tiger ambition pool” reward;When the refresh times reaches 60 times, there will be a “God Tiger earthquake Tianchi” reward.The number of skin in the prize pool is very large, companion skin + brave skin + epic skin, a total of 137, so many skin there is always a suitable for friends!So so many skin, in the end which skin is the most worthy of exchange?Bai Jun feels that if you participate seriously, everyone can get epic skin.Epic Skin Epic skin, Dawn Guardian, Secret Agent Phantom, golden Ratio, Millennium Fox, Rain of Arrows wind breath, Cat and Dog Diary, these 7 skin exchange absolutely can not lose, worth exchanging, after all, these skin feel great, and has not been on the shard store yet.Of course, Luna’s Zixia Fairy has never been online in shard stores, but baijun thinks this skin is behind the other seven.In addition to these skins, Mulan’s crystal Dragon Hunter, Xiao Qiao’s colorful unicorn, Xiahou Dun’s Wind and Waves, Ying Zheng’s night noble son, etc., are also quite good skins. However, these skins have been sold in fragment stores and can be exchanged for skin fragments.Here to say ying Zheng’s dark night expensive son, this skin has not been online since the optimization of the fragment shop, it is estimated that it will be difficult to online fragment shop, maybe some friends will be enchanted.However, little white Lord also said yesterday that ying zheng’s elegant lover in the Rose Treasure Pavilion is the skin with the highest chance of winning. Therefore, we should know how to choose.If you are not a serious player, you can easily get the skin if you log in the game every day, and there are several types of skin worth redeemable.For instance: the dance between the flower that Gong Sun leaves, lv Bu’s wild energy, Zhao Yun’s white deacon, these a few brave person skin is still quite good.Do not liver friends, if the brush to these skin can be considered.Finally, we should pay special attention to two points. The first point is: although the activity ends on February 15th, from February 9th to 15th, we can no longer get tiger coins, we can only exchange them. There is still one week to go.Point 2: As the old saying goes, you still need to exchange your skin for what you need. If you don’t need the skin recommended by xiao Bai Jun, there is really no need to exchange it for the bottom of the box, which is a waste!That’s it for this episode, guys. Have you found any new skins yet?Please leave a comment and follow me for more king of Glory Revelations. See you next time!