Three Wishes for the New Year: Family peace, mountains and rivers sound, light in your heart

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Today is New Year’s Eve, and in a few hours, the New Year begins.We have so much to say goodbye to this year.To welcome the New Year, we have so many blessings.Tonight, make three New Year’s resolutions to wish us a better year.Three wishes for the New Year: family well-being, mountains and rivers sound, light in the heart of a wish, family well-being what is happiness?A writer once answered: One is to sleep in their own bed, two is to eat food cooked by parents, three is to listen to your lover to say sweet words to you, four is to play games with children.Happy life, than someone ask you can warm porridge, someone for you to set dusk.You have a home to go back to, people waiting, a lamp waiting for you.Seemingly dull every day, is the greatest blessing in life.After years, the family support each other, can be warm again.Free often make a phone call, with parents chatter;When you get home from work, cook a few home-cooked meals with your partner.No matter how busy you are, don’t forget to accompany your children to grow up.Don’t leave regrets for yourself and your loved ones. Don’t wait until it’s too late to regret.In the New Year, I wish my family peace and happiness.In the past year, we experienced a lot of unforgettable moments and felt a lot of warmth and touching together.Each of us is not an island. It is the interconnectedness that makes up our society and our nation.Tonight, we can have a delicious New Year’s Eve dinner and celebrate the Chinese New Year together because there are countless people who are working quietly to protect our safety.Tonight, please remember to thank them for their efforts.Medical workers on the front lines of the epidemic, PLA soldiers guarding the motherland’s borders, police and firefighters still standing at their posts on New Year’s Eve…It is because they give up their small homes for everyone that we have a peaceful and peaceful life.Tonight, I make a wish for them. May every ordinary hero who protects us be safe and healthy.The New Year, wish mountains and rivers are safe, the world is safe.Three wishes, light in your heart The New Year is coming, have you already set your goals?It may not be easy to achieve these goals, but starting with this expectation, you will find that life has light and motivation.In fact, life is like this. We will face many challenges and inevitably bear a lot of pressure, but on the other hand, having goals and expectations makes our life happier and more valuable.Although life is hard to avoid difficulties and ups and downs, as long as there is light in the heart, life is always full of hope.This light will guide you to keep working hard and keep moving forward, and one day you will find that you have reached the distance you want to go.May you have something to do, something to love and something to look forward to in the coming year.In the New Year, I wish you everything you want and a better version of yourself.Source: People’s Daily WeChat comprehensive Confucianism wind everyone and read mu heart | anchor: Zhang Mengjie