The school successfully held the first “Blended Teaching” workshop in 2022

2022-08-14 0 By

On March 30th, the Office of Academic Affairs (Training management Center, Admission Office) jointly held the first “hybrid Teaching” workshop in 2022 with Wisdom Tree.The theme of the workshop was “Hybrid Teaching Design and Application based on Online Courses”. Feng Fei, Assistant Director of The Research Center for Digital Learning of Peking University, and Dr. Hu Lixia from the School of Business of Peking University were invited to give lectures and share.Vice President Li Yuhong attended the workshop, which was presided over by Dean Long Yang.Teacher Feng Fei systematically sorted out the key points for the success of hybrid teaching for the participating teachers from four aspects: how to call it hybrid teaching, first-class courses of online and offline hybrid teaching, advantages of hybrid teaching and key points of hybrid teaching design, combined with excellent examples of hybrid teaching.Starting from the “Market research and Statistics” blended course teaching carried out by the team and combining with more than ten years of teaching practice experience, Teacher Hu Lixia shared the application and practice results of the blended teaching method in our school from the aspects of overall teaching design, teaching implementation process, students’ learning effect, reflection and improvement measures.After the workshop, Li Yuhong spoke highly of our teachers’ efforts to carry out mixed teaching and their practical achievements.She pointed out that teachers’ commitment to teaching reform and innovation will not only help students grow up, but also help themselves to a greater sense of professional happiness.The workshop is actively respond to the Ministry of Education in our school “hybrid teaching higher education to become the new normal education teaching”, held in 2022 the first hybrid teaching workshops, to form a systematic understanding of the hybrid teaching, the teachers for the direction and the curriculum blended teaching practice to provide guidance.In the future, the school will carry out a series of blended teaching workshops to provide a platform for teachers who actively participate in the teaching reform to exchange and share experience, further promote the classroom teaching revolution and innovation of our school, encourage more teachers to actively participate in the research and practice of blended teaching reform, and effectively promote the high-quality development of teaching.This semester, more than 60 teachers, including those from the teaching affairs office and the quality management Office, participated in the training.