Minister of Tourism and Sports of Thailand: Beijing Winter Olympics is wonderful and epidemic prevention measures set a perfect example

2022-08-14 0 By

Thailand’s minister of Tourism and Sports Pippa, who attended the opening ceremony of the Beijing Winter Olympics and visited the athletes’ training ground, said the strict quarantine measures at the Beijing Winter Olympics set a perfect example for other countries to host closed-door international events.Minister Pippa has just returned from the cold of Beijing to the scorching heat of Bangkok. He talked about what he saw and heard at the Beijing Winter Olympics.Pipatuan, Thailand’s Minister of Tourism and Sports, CCTV News “The opening ceremony of the Beijing Winter Olympics was fantastic. The organizers used a lot of high technology, which was very in line with the current needs of epidemic prevention and the concept of environmental protection.It’s so cold in Beijing!The organizers have provided us with scarves, hats, gloves and other warm supplies. The service is so considerate that we feel warm in our hearts.”In addition to attending the opening ceremony, Pippa also visited the athletes training ground, felt the Beijing Winter Olympics strict epidemic prevention measures, he said: “from the residence to the training ground is a special channel, come and go in strict accordance with the prescribed route driving.I think this Winter Olympics has done a perfect job of strictly controlling the epidemic and setting an example for other countries that are going to host closed-door international events.”Pippa visits athletes’ training ground Pippa said the Beijing Winter Olympics has also inspired Thai people, especially young people, to pay attention to snow sports.”I hope that the four athletes representing Thailand will serve as role models for the Thai youth. The Thai Ministry of Tourism and Sports will give full support to the youth to participate in winter sports training and send them abroad to train and train them to become professional winter sports athletes.I wish the Beijing Winter Olympics every success!”Source: CCTV News, international online editor: Tan Xiyuan