Kaifeng Shunhe Hui District songmen street to carry out “Fu Hu Auspicious Celebration of the Lantern Festival, laughter and harmony” Lantern Festival activities

2022-08-14 0 By

Image network news (elephant news reporter Cui Xueqing correspondent Li Ying) recently, Kaifeng Shunhe Hui district song Gate street to carry out the “Fu Hu Auspicious celebration of the Lantern Festival happy sound and laughter harmony” Lantern Festival activities, street office staff and family members, district residents, volunteers, a total of more than 90 people to participate in.Activities to “spring bright heyday, golden tiger yuanxiao” to lead you to the leaders, workers, community residents, children to the Lantern Festival blessing, I wish you the year of the tiger “noisy 15, happy Yuanxiao”.Then Song Gate street Party working Committee secretary Yang Wei for the “Fu Hu auspicious Celebration of the Lantern Festival, laughter and harmony” Lantern Festival activities, he extended sincere holiday greetings to the residents, and wish area residents good health, family happiness.The activity scene was in full swing, everyone began to make tangyuan, talking and laughing.Residents make tangyuan into ingots, persimmon and other shapes to celebrate the Festival.The scene hanging folk culture, filial piety old respect close, green environmental protection and other diverse content of the riddle, after everyone’s meditation, racking their brains finally will be the riddle “break one by one”.In recent years, Song Men street to the Party working committee as the core, constantly improve the cohesion and service of grassroots party organizations, and gradually form a good situation of “party building leading, residents autonomy, national unity”.In strengthening their own construction at the same time, through the development of colorful service activities, the party members together, let the branch active, greatly enhanced the area of the residents of the sense of security, happiness, sense of gain.(Kaifeng news hotline: 18803624444, email: hnrcnkf@163.com.”Elephant Escort Office” tel: 18003719699)