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“Unsealed!Unsealed!”Amid the cheers of residents and volunteers, the jindingwan Garden Community in Nanjing’s epidemic control area was officially opened at 12 noon today. In addition to the celebration and joy, the word reporters heard most at the scene is “feeling.Xie “community liaison groups” thank you “refresh” thank you for the lovely white “near” thank the dedication of the volunteers “unlock community liaison group words of thanks to brush the screen since late March 16, 14 days with rain or shine, and meticulous service, let Jin Dingwan garden district residents, are for volunteers thumb up.”I think it’s great to use those words about them.”Residents ms zhao said, “they particularly thoughtful and careful service, door-to-door to collect information, then the special group is also very good, including me in the morning in the group can see about a pregnant woman, has always been on the remote to teach her how to get to the heart, is this kind of work is really has done, so we are the people in the group of people to thank volunteers are spontaneously.”At the scene of community unsealing, ge Ying, a resident, presented a banner to the volunteers.”Details look at people, they can take care of every detail.For example, every family will have a thermometer, I think they are very thoughtful, especially in the last double test, people are very afraid, I think the volunteers did a great psychological counseling, children give candy, adults give an apple, meaning safe, I think really focus on the details.”🔺 Some volunteers took a photo with the volunteers after they opened the seal. Photo: Sun Gongfu talked about volunteers, and aunt Gu was moved to tears.”When it rained a while ago, we were afraid to go out because we were afraid of the cold. There was also heavy rain. People were buying things and delivering them from door to door.Across from Aunt Gu’s house lived an elderly couple in their 80s and 90s, who had no children to take care of and it was inconvenient to go downstairs.Volunteers visit them many times a day to inquire about their needs and send them supplies to do nucleic acid.”They tried to keep them away. I was moved. I cried that day.””Most people do what they have to do,” gu said. “I think this is an extra thing.In this community, because of their hard work, their efforts, we have the stability of the community.It’s good to have young girls and boys who can bear it.”🔺 residents for the graph you my thumb up community residents volunteers in their own way to express the gratitude to paint the door opened to “white” village 7 Zhao Qimeng children rushed out to volunteer’s hand off his own painting “great white give us to eat delicious chicken legs vegetables, send me a lollipop, white is very good to us.In order to protect us, they give us nucleic acid tests every day. I think they are very hard, so I give them drawings.””I want to take pictures of them as they are.” Resident Sun Gongfu used his camera every day to record how he got along with the volunteers during the community control period. “Basically, volunteers would help residents solve any difficult problems imaginable.Sun gongfu told reporters that seeing the difficulties of the volunteers, as a photographer, I thought of photographing their hard work to let everyone know their silent efforts.”They were young and old, but I didn’t know what they looked like because of the masks they were wearing, the masks they were wearing, the hoods they were wearing, the white clothes. Nobody knew what they looked like except for how tall they were and how thin they were. I always wanted to photograph them as they were.””Before the new lockdown, I told them to take one more photo of each of them individually, but that didn’t happen, they only showed up today about 10 people, the rest of them were transferred to the new lockdown.”The fight against the epidemic is indispensable for the efforts of every citizen to fight against the “epidemic” line of staff points praise to cooperate with the epidemic prevention of you and me!1, Nanjing added an exception to the initial screening of ning positive personnel 2, the latest announcement, about the return to school!State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission (SASAC) : These enterprises and individual businesses will be exempted from the rent for six months of the year.If the shared content infringes your copyright or the marked source is not the first original, please background private letter, we will review and deal with it in time