What changes have been brought to our lives by the development of CNC machine tools?

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The development level of CNC machine tools not only reflects the development level of a country’s modern manufacturing industry, but also one of the important indicators to measure the development level of a country.Clear the world CNC machine tool and China CNC machine tool development process and its significance.Although our country develops rapidly, but in the field of CNC bed, the gap between our country and advanced industrial countries is difficult to imagine, it is difficult to achieve at present, at the same time we are trying to narrow the gap.With the advantage that China has become the world’s largest consumption and import of machine tools, the development trend of modern manufacturing in China has been unstoppable.The application of numerical control technology not only brings revolutionary change to traditional manufacturing, the manufacturing industry has become the symbol of industrialization, and with the continuous development of numerical control technology and application field expands, his some important industry of national economy and people’s livelihood is playing a more and more important role in the development, especially the military industry, very strict because of the accuracy of its products.Due to the wide application of NUMERICAL control technology, the society needs a large number of numerical control machine operator, with the development of numerical control is also in urgent need of a number of maintenance and other related numerical control talents.With the continuous progress of social production and science and technology, various new industrial products emerge in an endless stream.Machinery manufacturing industry is the foundation of the national industry, the product is increasingly sophisticated, especially the country’s military aerospace and other important industries its higher requirements for products, obviously, some ordinary machine tools or high degree of specialization of automatic machine tools can not meet.Market competition intensifies, enterprises require to improve production efficiency and quality and reduce costs, so CNC machine tools emerge at the historic moment.In particular, such a populous country as China has to use machinery to meet the needs of people. It has great significance for the development of our country and makes China dare to face international challenges.More importantly, it is conducive to realizing the Chinese dream in the new era, laying a foundation for China’s industry and winning long-term power.Numerical control development history: the world in 1948, the United States Parsons company accepted the United States Air Force commission, the development of aircraft propeller blade contour sample processing equipment.Because of the complex and varied shape of the sample plate and the high precision requirement, the general processing equipment is difficult to adapt, so the idea of computer controlled machine tool is put forward.In 1949, the company in the United States Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) servo mechanism under the assistance of the laboratory, began CNC machine research, 1952 trial production of the first large vertical copying milling machine refitted from the three coordinate CNC milling machine, soon began formal production.It was put into use in 1957.This is a major breakthrough in the development of manufacturing technology, marking the beginning of the era of CNC machining in the manufacturing field.Numerical control processing is the foundation of modern manufacturing technology, this invention for the manufacturing industry, has the significance of making an epoch and far-reaching impact 1952 Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Giddings lewis company first jointly developed the world’s first CNC lifting table milling machine,Subsequently Germany, Japan, the Soviet Union and other countries in 1956 respectively developed their first CNC machine tools.Early ’60 s, the United States, Japan, Germany and Britain have entered commercialization trial production, due to the numerical control system is at the early stage of electron tubes, transistors, and integrated circuit, and equipment volume and complex lines, expensive, poor reliability, numerical control machine tools are mostly simple nc drilling machine, numerical control technology not popularized, numerical control machine tool technology development overall progress will be slow.Appeared in the 70 s, the large scale integrated circuit and a small computer, especially the successful development of the microprocessor, realized the numerical control system of small size, fast computing speed, improve reliability and prices fall, make the nc system has made great improve the overall performance and quality, at the same time, the basic theory and key technology of nc machine tool has the new breakthrough,Thus to the development of CNC machine tools into a new vitality, the world’s developed countries CNC machine tool industry began to enter the development stage.Since 80 s, the numerical control system microprocessor operation speed increase fast, perfect function, further improve the reliability, monitoring, detection, tool change, peripheral equipment, the application of the numerical control machine tool get all-round development, varieties of CNC machine rapidly expand, numerical control machine tool industry in developed countries has entered the phase of development and application.In the 1990s, CNC machine tool has been widely used, CNC machine tool technology has been further developed, flexible units, flexible systems, automatic factories began to apply, marking the CNC machine tool industrialization into a mature stage.China developed its first CNC machine tool in 1958. The development process can be roughly divided into two stages.The period from 1958 to 1979 is the first stage, and the period from 1979 to the present is the second stage.The first stage of the characteristics of CNC machine tools, the lack of understanding of the development conditions, in the poor quality of personnel, the foundation is weak, the kit does not pass the situation, a rush and a coax down, had three up and down, due to poor performance, can not be used for production and pause.The main problems are blindness and lack of scientific spirit of seeking truth from facts.In the second stage from Germany, the United States, Japan, Spain has introduced the numerical control system technology, from America, Germany, Italy, Japan, Britain, France, Switzerland, Hungary, Mr, South Korea, Taiwan, a total of 11 countries (regions) the introduction of CNC machine tools, advanced technology and cooperation, joint venture production, solve the problem of the reliability, stability, has begun its production and use of CNC machine tools,And gradually move forward.In more than 20 years, CNC machine tool design and manufacturing technology has been greatly improved, mainly in three aspects: training a number of design, manufacturing, use and maintenance of talent;Through cooperation in the production of advanced CNC machine tools, the level of design, manufacturing and use has been greatly improved, narrowing the gap with the world’s advanced technology;Through the use of foreign advanced components, CNC system supporting, began to be able to design and manufacture high-speed, high-performance, five-sided or five-axis CNC machine tools.Supply the demand of the domestic market, but the key technology of the test, digestion, master and innovation is poor.Up to now, many important functional components, automatic cutting tools, CNC systems rely on foreign technical support, can not develop independently, basically in the imitation to their own development stage, and the level of Japanese CNC machine tools gap is very large.The climax of CNC machine into the 21st century, the development of military technology and civilian industry more and more high to the requirement of numerical control machine tool, the application of modern design technology, measurement technology, process intensification, a new generation of functional unit and software technology, make the machining range of nc machine tools, dynamic performance, the machining accuracy and reliability have greatly improved.Science and technology, especially the rapid development of information technology, high-speed and high-precision control technology, multi-channel open architecture, multi-axis control technology, intelligent control technology, network technology, CAD/CAM and CNC integrated, CNC machine tool technology into the intelligence, network, agile manufacturing, virtual manufacturing of a higher stage.Three characteristics of CNC machine tools 1. High processing accuracy.CNC machine tools are processed according to instructions given in digital form.At present, the pulse equivalent of CNC machine tools is generally achieved..001, and the reverse clearance of the feed drive chain and the screw pitch error can be compensated by the NUMERICAL control device, so the NUMERICAL control machine tool can achieve high processing accuracy.For medium and small CNC machine tools, the positioning accuracy is generally up to 0.03, and the repeated positioning accuracy is 0.01.2.Strong adaptability to processing objects.CNC machine tools to change the processing of parts, only to re-program, input new program guo can achieve the processing of new parts, which provides great convenience for the complex structure of single, small batch production and trial production of new products.For those ordinary manual operation of the ordinary machine tool is difficult to process or cannot process precision complex parts, CNC machine tools can also achieve automatic processing.High degree of automation, low labor intensity.CNC machine tools for parts processing is automatically completed according to the pre-programmed program, the operator in addition to the placement of perforated tape or keyboard operation, loading and unloading work parts, the key process of the intermediate detection and observation of machine operation, do not need to carry out complex repetitive manual operation, labor intensity and tension can be greatly reduced,In addition, CNC machine tools generally have better safety protection, automatic chip removal, automatic cooling and automatic lubrication device, the operator’s working conditions are greatly improved.4. High productivity.The processing time of parts mainly includes two parts: maneuver time and auxiliary time.CNC machine tool spindle speed and feed range than ordinary machine tool, so each process can choose the most favorable cutting dosage.Due to the good rigidity of the structure of CNC machine tools, it allows for strong cutting of large cutting quantity, which improves cutting efficiency and saves maneuvering time.Because the moving parts of CNC machine tools have fast empty stroke movement speed, the workpiece clamping time and auxiliary time are less than ordinary machine tools.There is almost no need to readjust the machine tool when changing the machined parts, so the time of parts installation and adjustment is saved.CNC machine tool processing quality is stable, generally only do the first piece inspection and sampling inspection of key dimensions between processes, so it saves the downtime inspection time.When machining on the machining center, a machine tool realizes the continuous processing of multiple processes, and the improvement of production efficiency is more obvious.5. Good economic benefits.Numerical control machine tool although the value is expensive, processing time to each part of the equipment depreciation cost is high, but in the case of single, small batch production: (1) the use of numerical control machine tool processing, can save the marking time, reduce adjustment, processing and inspection time, save the direct production cost;② The use of CNC machine tools to process parts generally do not need to make special fixtures, saving the cost of process equipment.③ The CNC machining accuracy is stable, reduce the reject rate, so that the production cost is further reduced.④ THE CNC machine tool can realize a machine multi-purpose, save the plant area, save the factory investment.Therefore, the use of CNC machine tools still ding to obtain good economic benefits.Numerical control machine tools have many advantages that ordinary machine tools do not have.Its application scope is expanding, but it can not completely replace the ordinary machine tool, also can not solve all the problems in mechanical processing in the most economic way.CNC machine tools are most suitable for processing parts with the following characteristics :(1) many varieties, small batch production of parts.(2) parts with complex shape and structure.(3) Parts that need frequent modification.(4) key parts that are expensive and not allowed to be scrapped.(5) Design and manufacture of urgently needed parts with short cycle.(6) Large batch, high precision parts.Special period, please do the relevant work, safety first!