Shut down for rectification!The restaurant of Wanyuan Pharmacy 1 was suspended due to inadequate prevention and control measures

2022-08-13 0 By

On the morning of April 5, the Market Supervision Administration of Wanyuan carried out regular inspections on the implementation of epidemic prevention and control in key places and industries, focusing on 11 supermarkets, pharmacies, large restaurants and cold chain food business units in the urban area.Through the implementation of temperature measurement, code scanning, inspection of travel code, environmental elimination, health monitoring of employees and other epidemic prevention and control measures to carry out supervision and inspection.The inspection found that Kanghe pharmacy in Wanyuan city was ordered to stop business for 3 days due to the fact that it did not strictly implement the process of checking the itinerary code of the store personnel, the real-name registration of the purchase of “two refunds and one anti-drug” drugs and the report that the implementation was not in place.Red Galaxy restaurant for entering the store personnel “three code joint inspection” implementation is not in place, the environmental elimination ledger is not perfect, the kitchen sanitation is dirty and messy, “three prevention” facilities is not in place, the scene ordered to suspend business for 4 days.How to fulfill personal responsibility for epidemic prevention and control when returning from Chengdu or Chongqing to Dazhou?Source: Wanyuan Published editor: Zhang Lidan