New Year’s Custom for Gen Z!Peace Elite X Wang Baoqiang’s New Year film “Eat the first Chicken of the New Year”

2022-08-13 0 By

Which New Year movies are you most looking forward to on this day of celebrating the Spring Festival and family reunion?Why don’t you double it with a comedy?On January 31, the New Year’s Eve, “Peace Elite” and Wang Baoqiang presented the New Year’s New Year film “Super Lucky Family”, in the movie, Wang Baoqiang will incarnate the peace elite of the special forces, one person plays many roles, to bring everyone a family in the New Year’s Day together to get the first victory of the New Year’s hilarious story!
Wang Baoqiang should not be introduced too much, right?He starred in the movie just like his name a household name, such as “off” series and “tang agent” series are hot style movie box office sales, his role is very real, grounding, whimsy, start may be very miserably, but luck, always can be a blessing in disguise, so very deeply rooted in the hearts of the people, the new movie “super bridge a” wang baoqiang is also for this style,I believe it will bring you a lot of joy.A super ji “is a story revolves around family and luck, a film set is very novel, by the family relay playing with elite peace as a story, wang baoqiang plays the role particularly strong” baby “is the game, when different people manipulate characters, wang baoqiang for each person’s personality, and the characteristics of the characters, so a person act the role ofing more Angle,It’s also a test of Wang’s acting skills, and his change of style in the plot is sure to make you laugh.Elite peace and wang baoqiang shadow linkage let them swim to circle game of the new benchmark, broke the conventional gear during the Spring Festival have been routines, a breakthrough in the creative set, elite peace to convey to you a prosperous New Year wishes peace, it also contains the “target” culture, also is the family is the biggest lucky and lucky!”Elite” prosperous peace already broke through the original game, blended in everyone’s daily life, become a kind of special culture, the through a super ji “, the concept of virtual in peace elite into vivid and interesting hesui blockbuster present in front of the public, this is a giant leap for peace elite!After watching The Family, The Peace Elite also prepared a big gift for each special forces soldier’s “first game of chicken in the New Year”!If you follow @Peace Elite on weibo and post a screenshot of your first win by eating chicken in the first game of the New Year with the topic # Chicken in the first game of the New Year, you will be able to participate in the lucky draw and have the chance to become a koi player.Now or never, New Year’s first game chicken, we will be there or square!