Jon Chen posted a photo of her nine-year-old boyfriend cooking with steak and lobster on the table after living together for two years

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Hungry?Click right to follow us and bring you the latest hardcore entertainment every day!On February 5, Joan Chen posted a time-limited update on her social media platform. In the photo, Her boyfriend is wearing an apron and working in the kitchen.Today is the fifth day of the first lunar month, the Spring Festival holiday has not passed yet, Jon Chen specially invited his friends to dinner at home, but although he is the host, Jon Chen ended up at a leisure, the dinner for the guests is all cooked by his boyfriend Alan, and even several friends who came to visit him helped.In the video Chen posted, her friends are helping in the kitchen. In the picture, several girls are busy preparing dishes and Ellen is also concentrating on cooking. On the other side of the video, Chen is quite relaxed, holding a glass of wine in her hand, acting as the host.Later, Jon Chen also posted today’s dishes, you can see that the dishes prepared tonight are quite rich and luxurious, the table is filled with steak and lobster, if it is quite troublesome to deal with.Chen posted the ingredients and laments calling her boyfriend a “private chef”, saying that she “knows nothing” and can only open a bottle of wine, in a humorous tone.It has to be said that Joan Chen’s survival as a little princess at her age is largely due to her boyfriend Ellen. Although most of their initial love after the announcement of their relationship, they still go their own way, affectionate.Jon Chen and Allen because of the variety “Daughters in Love” met and fell in love, this thought that this is just a casual play, did not think that the two people secretly more and more sweet.He is a rich second generation in Malaysia, nine years younger than Chan, and the two are a typical brother-sister relationship.They have been living together in Taiwan for the past two years. Their relationship has been quite close. During this period, it was even reported that the wife was pregnant and they were going to get married.Chen has been in the business for many years, and qiu Ze, Ming Dao, Wallace Huo and others have been rumored, but none of the following.While some of her fans still take a dim view of the relationship, Chen has clearly been the favorite in the relationship, as he has been doing the cooking for almost two years while they have been living together.In Joan Chen’s social platform, from time to time will also appear boyfriend Alan figure, she even for this relationship for nearly two years without work, both men and women have paid a lot for this relationship.Hope to accompany the arrival of the year of the tiger, Jon Chen and Alan this paragraph of affection can be successful.# Chen Jon Allen #, # Chen Jon boyfriend cook #, # Chen Jon was spoiled into a princess #