Harbin is expected to merge 2 universities, one is Harbin Institute of Technology, the other want to know

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Harbin is expected to merge 2 universities, a is Harbin industrial university, the other you want to know Harbin two colleges and universities in the “merger”, one called Harbin Institute of Technology, one is called school, an education, it is a popular project, many people in his hometown, to check their own schools, because the school environment is very poor, so,A lot of people will lock themselves in their own schools because they have high degrees and qualifications.However, although some university education level is higher, but the overall quality is not good enough, can say some of the “partial subject”, for example, some medical university has very good teaching ability in the medical field, and in other areas is less prominent, in fact, with some comprehensive universities “merge” is the best choice, in fact, after the “merger”, China also appeared a few good university,Moreover, up to now, our country also has a “double first-class” standard.Many schools want to reach this level, such as Shanghai economic and trade institute and college of business has had the idea of merging, heilongjiang has a similar plan to after, conditions of heilongjiang not too bad, especially in Harbin, China’s educational condition is better, there are many famous universities, such as local Harbin and Harbin Institute of Technology, is a potential.Harbin Institute of Science and Technology is one of the world’s top universities with high standards in various fields and has established cooperative relations with many universities. In addition, it is also very strong in the field of AI. As the first university in China to set up a graduate school, it has been listed in the “211” and “985” list for a long time.In addition, Harbin science and technology has gained a lot of glory, initially, is composed of some colleges and universities of science and technology, but with the development of China’s economy, its development degree is also gradually increase, the development of various fields has reached the highest level of China, once the “merger”, two universities can share top curriculum resources with local students,This is undoubtedly a good news for the local students.