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With the Spring Festival approaching, Orders for mingzhen chili paste are pouring in, making Huang qianqian inundated.At present, in Yanshan County industrial Park, Shangrao City, Jiangxi Province, the chili sauce factory is working at full capacity.To deal with the order demand coming one after another, Huang Qianqian takes the lead to work overtime, catch production, stare at packaging, often too busy to have a meal.”This year’s sales momentum is good, the product demand is high, we are speeding up production, but still short of supply.”Ms Huang told the Financial Times that mingzhen produces more than 2m bottles a year, which are sold across the country.Today’s hot chili sauce was born “accidentally”.In his early years, Huang’s father, Huang Ming, was the boss of a goose house on Gexian Mountain in Shangrao City. In his spare time, he liked to study and think about chili sauce and add it to dishes as condiments.Unexpectedly, many tourists praised it and bought it separately. Over time, chili sauce became famous in the local area.So Huang mingzheng had a bold idea — to open a chili sauce workshop.In 2014, Huang set up his own chili sauce workshop and created his own brand, Mingzhen Chili Sauce.In recent years, thanks to the strong support from the state for small and micro enterprises, the sales of chili sauce have expanded and expanded, and the sales have increased rapidly, and the supply at the production end has failed to keep up.In 2018, Huang took over the chili workshop from her father and decided to expand production, but money was always a problem.When she was at a loss, the Postal Savings Bank branch of Yanshan County, Jiangxi Province, after fully understanding the relevant situation, took the initiative to contact and arranged the customer manager to conduct a field investigation in the first time. Huang qianqian was granted a “financial credit link benefiting farmers” of 2 million yuan, which helped her chili sauce factory to embark on the road of large-scale production.”Thanks to the Postal Savings Bank, the Chinese New Year is coming, and I wish everyone a prosperous life like chili peppers.”According to Huang Qianqian, this year is the third year that PSBC and Mingzhen chili Sauce have worked together. With the support of PSBC, the former small workshop has gradually developed into a large-scale chemical plant, and the brand influence is getting bigger and bigger.In just three years, the production of Mingzhen chili sauce has increased nearly four times, and it is selling well in shopping malls and supermarkets across the country.”After the New Year, I will continue to run orders, run customers, the za Ming town chili sauce brand stand!”On the road to prosperity in the future, Huang Qianqian is full of confidence.For a long time, PSBC Yanshan Branch in Jiangxi province has conducted field visits to the local pepper industry and provided timely financial support.Because the pepper cultivation, processing and high demand for liquidity and efficiency of the capital, to launch the innovation credit product, effectively solved the problem of insufficient liquidity pepper plant, for the deep processing of pepper on financial “timely rain”, for the local small micro enterprises, “three rural” customer development provides a powerful financial support.Like Huang Qianqian, in fact, there are many small and micro enterprises benefiting from financial support in Jiangxi.”Look at this warehouse full of navel oranges, bought with a loan!Spring Festival stocking can not be delayed, this year we have a new packaging, not only reflects the prosperous New Year atmosphere, but also symbolizes the bright future of our ‘orange dream’.”Jiangxi Ganzhou County Jin Fengli agricultural products Co., LTD. Wang Rongzhen told the Financial Times.Recall his entrepreneurial experience, Wang Rongzhen feeling very deep.In 2013, he “broke into the world with a pickup truck”, began to try large-scale planting navel orange in Baishan county, Anyuan County, in the form of cooperatives to promote the local fruit farmers into the community, and gradually formed a planting, sales as one of the cooperatives.After several years of hard work, in 2015, it acquired Anyuan County Jin Fengli Agricultural Products Co., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as “Jin Fengli”), and built the enterprise into the “municipal leading enterprise” of Ganzhou.Fruit planting cycle is long, from opening to hanging fruit generally need 3 to 4 years, during this period only input without output, the cost is very large.In 2016, Wang Rongzhen encountered difficulties in subsequent capital investment, and the existing mortgage was difficult to meet the loan demand.When he was at a loss, the small and micro finance team of POSTAL Savings Bank of Jiangxi Anyuan Sub-branch customized a set of financing plan for him in time. The first 8.5 million yuan “Caiyuan Credit Pass” was like a “shot in the arm” to inject power into jin Fengli’s subsequent development.With the help of the local government, Wang rongzhen also set up a poverty alleviation production line, which is specially designed to attract poor households to employment.Jinfeng today, not only leading enterprises grow to lead local farmers to get rich, also has a full set of production, processing, cold storage assembly equipment and ten thousand mu of the province’s advanced rural popular science demonstration base of modern innovative enterprise, was named “quality credit enterprise in jiangxi province” and “excellent enterprise ganzhou city people’s government”.In fact, PSBC jiangxi Branch’s support for the pepper and navel orange industries is an epitome of PSBC’s efforts to support and benefit farmers, help rural revitalization and build a “big stage” for industrial development.In recent years, the bank actively response to the financial boost rural revitalization of the call, to “three agriculture” is based on product characteristics, the power industry as a service to the country revitalization “gap”, precision farming local industry, led the financial “living water” precision irrigation, increase credit support for farmers and agricultural enterprises, for the local industrial upgrading development made a positive contribution.It is reported that PSBC Jiangxi Branch will provide more than 100 billion yuan of credit support for the rural revitalization of the province during the 14th five-year Plan period.In 2021, 6,971 credit villages will be established in the province, and 7.8 billion yuan of loans will be provided to credit villages.Agriculture-related loans have a balance of 78.2 billion yuan, accounting for more than 33% of the total, ranking in the forefront of the provincial banking industry.More than 312 billion yuan of small loans have been issued to farmers, serving more than 1.51 million rural subjects in the province.We are looking at the year-end bonus, financial management za how to arrange?If this bank reduces, will other banks follow suit?Warm heart!For them, bankers went to work…Source: Financial Times Reporter: Zhao Meng Editor: Han Shengjie Email: fnweb@126.com Follow the FINANCIAL Times official account for more exclusive news