Spring celebration yongcheng, light yao Kyushu!

2022-08-12 0 By

On the occasion of 2022 Spring Festival, the scene lighting “Yongcheng Xian Sui” with the theme of “farewell to the old and welcome the New” has been debugged.At that time, three-dimensional light and shadow linkage through the core area of Ningbo Sanjiangkou more than ten buildings, to the citizens of Yongcheng to send sincere New Year’s greetings.”Yongcheng Presents the New Year” is divided into four chapters — “Golden Ox imprint” “Auspicious New Year” “Spring scenery of Yongcheng” “splendid China”.The animation begins with a countdown.Colorful ribbons fly into the painting, falling on the buildings.Colorful silk slippage, behind the particles into blossoming flowers bloom, flowers, flowers.Then, the carrier rocket carrying Tianyun-1 blasted off across the sea of stars, soaring above space, exploring the mysterious vastness of the infinite universe.Blessing the world, celebrate in yongcheng.The drum Tower, Ningbo Wealth Center, Tianfeng Tower and other landmark buildings are spread out in the picture of light and shadow, with the remaining light converging, the sea changing, the magnificent mountains and rivers.Red gold double dragons dance in the air, circling from both sides of the building to gather above the building.By the dragon, the light floats, the earth returns to spring.Cranes soar, kylin clouds soar, and prosperous New Year scenes are presented. Beautiful night scenes all convey good wishes for 2022.These well-made, rich meaning of animation, no doubt make Sanjiangkou ningbo New Year’s core landmark punch point.Sanjiang River reflects the sky, integrating light and shadow culture, science and technology art, creating a sense of space experience of “people in the middle of the painting”.The night scene of Spring Greeting will be played from 18:00-22:30 on January 30 to February 6, and the New Year’s Eve will be lit up until 01:00 the next day. Animation of the New Year greeting theme will be played on the hour.Citizens can enjoy the theme night scenery in Shanshan Park, Yongjiang Bridge and Jiefang Bridge and other best observation points.At that time, ningbo New World, fortune Center, Beilun Central Plaza, Yinzhou southern business district, zhenhai New Town core area and other places will also be lit up, together with the city beautiful.