Incentives for ecological burial in Chaozhou

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Article 1 with a view to further deepen the reform of the funeral, guide the masses shift burial idea, promote the development of ecological burial, according to the section “about implementing to the guidance of ecological burial” (21) [2016] of the state and the guangdong province department of notice about the printing (yue hair [2021] no. 86) and other relevant regulations, combining the reality of our city, are formulated.Guangdong Funeral Industry Development “14th Five-year plan” (2021-2025) & GT;Article 2 Ecological burial, namely green burial, is a way of burying ashes that protects the environment and saves resources, mainly manifested in flower burial, lawn burial, tree burial, sea burial and other burial methods of ashes that occupy little or no land area.The establishment of a reward system for ecological burial is to give one-time financial rewards to residents who voluntarily participate in ecological burial activities organized by civil affairs departments and funeral service units.Article 3 Chaozhou Civil Affairs Bureau shall be responsible for organizing 1 to 2 ecological burial activities such as sea burial of ashes, tree burial and flower burial every year, and the municipal Funeral management Institute shall be responsible for the specific implementation work.The funeral service units of the civil affairs departments of all counties and districts shall be responsible for applying for ecological burial for residents within their jurisdiction.Article 4 Ecological burial activities adhere to the principle of volunticality. Chaozhou residents with permanent household registration and non-local household registration can sign up for ecological burial activities such as cremated ashes burial at sea, tree burial and flower burial organized by the Civil Affairs Bureau at the specified time and place.Article 5 Places for ecological burial in Raoping County: 1. Qixing Reef, Zhelin Town, Raoping County and other sea areas are the sites for cremated ashes burial at sea in Raoping County.(2) Huangtian Cemetery is the tree burial site for ashes.Article 6 The Municipal Huangtian Cemetery shall establish centralized memorial facilities for ecological burial, and public welfare cemeteries where conditions permit may also refer to the construction of centralized memorial facilities to facilitate public worship and memorial.Article 7 Applicants for ecological burial awards shall meet the following conditions: (1) The deceased is a registered resident of this City;(2) The bereaved family of the deceased voluntarily signs a letter of commitment for ecological burial of ashes with the funeral service unit that implements ecological burial and participates in ecological burial activities organized by the Civil Affairs Bureau.Article 8 To apply for ecological burial award, the bereaved family (hereinafter referred to as the applicant) should collect and fill in the application form of Ecological burial Award in Chaozhou city at the Municipal Funeral administration Office, and submit the following materials:(2) The original and copy of cremation certificate.Article 9 The Municipal Funeral management Office shall examine and approve the materials provided by the applicant. For those who meet the conditions for applying for ecological burial award, the award shall be issued after the completion of the ecological burial activity. After receiving the award, the applicant shall sign on the Chaozhou Ecological burial Award receipt form for confirmation.Article 10 Applicants who meet the requirements and do not set up a special sacrificial place can enjoy a one-time reward of 1000 YUAN for each ashes, and can receive a commemorative certificate and engraved the name of the deceased in centralized memorial facilities.Article 11 Bereaved families who do not meet the conditions for ecological burial awards may participate in ecological burial activities organized by the Civil Affairs Bureau, receive commemorative certificates and engrave the names of the deceased in centralized memorial facilities free of charge, but do not enjoy financial rewards.Article 12 The commemorative certificate shall be printed and issued by the Municipal Funeral administration office on a voluntary basis after the ecological burial.Article 13 For the convenience of the beneficiaries, the reward funds for ecological burial shall be paid in advance and settled later.Article 14 The funds required for the reward of ecological burial shall be fully included in the local finance or welfare lottery public welfare fund budget.Article 15 The applicant shall truthfully provide certification materials. If there is any act of false claim or fraudulent claim, relevant functional departments shall investigate and deal with it according to law.Article 16 Civil affairs departments at all levels shall make full use of the news media, village (neighborhood) committees, funeral and burial service units and other propaganda positions to conduct in-depth publicity of funeral and burial policies and these Measures, guide the masses to change their ideas on funeral and burial, and cultivate and establish funeral and burial customs of civilization, frugality, ecological protection and changing customs.Article 17 These Measures shall come into force on the date of promulgation and shall be valid until December 31, 2026.Declaration: The copyright of this article belongs to the original author, if there is a source error or infringement of your legitimate rights and interests, you can contact us through the mailbox, we will promptly deal with.Email address: