If a wormhole can teleport in space, let me derive how to open it

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All the opinions and statements contained in this article are based on the author’s subjective speculation and do not represent scientific and objective facts. If they exceed or subvert your cognition, please read them as fiction for entertainment only.My idea of a wormhole, or a bug in the universe, is that it’s a portal into space and time that you can teleport to some distant corner of the universe.At present, some researchers believe that the basic principle of wormhole operation is to make space fold. For example, if an ant takes 5 seconds to move from one end of a piece of A4 paper to the other end of the paper, now it folds the A4 paper in half, then the ant can move to the other end of the paper. The distance between the two ends after folding is the wormhole.But personally, I don’t think so, because I think wormholes are actually the use of bugs in the universe for the purpose of teleportation.If my theory works, it assumes that the universe is a computer simulation.As for the “collision” and “mode wearing” in online games, I think the operation mechanism of wormhole is the use of bugs, which can not be explained in a few words. It needs to be penetrated a little bit like peeling Onions. First of all, we need to understand the concepts of “collision” and “mode wearing” in games.We have played the network game, is the programmer with the computer to simulate out, in order to let the player have a good experience, then the modeling is beautiful, the effect is lifelike, which involves the “collision” and “wear mold” problem.What is a “collision”? Let’s take a racing game as an example. If you want to overtake a car, you have to go around the car in front of you, otherwise you will hit it.If you don’t have a collision, but go straight through the car in front of you, that’s a “model break”, and the experience isn’t going to be very good, because the game is so fake.In order to solve the collision problem, the algorithm needs to be optimized, and the programmer needs to do collision detection, to detect whether two cars have collided.The algorithm is also not difficult. The two cars, or the car and an obstacle can be respectively compared to two small balls. The distance between the centers of the two balls is D, and the sum of the radius of the two balls is R1+R2.When three objects collide, you can do three operations in pairs, six operations for four objects, and 5,000 operations for 100 objects.This is still the easiest algorithm in a simple game, but it’s not so easy in today’s big games, because not only is there a lot of colliding objects, but those objects like houses, rivers, people, items, etc are irregular objects, and the computation increases exponentially.In order to save calculation force, the programmer will control the floating point precision range, so that the distance can not be calculated with infinite precision, so the calculation accuracy is limited. If the collision detection accuracy is insufficient, there will be display bug, which is the bug of mode wear.Now no matter any network game, even if it is the highest precision, it is impossible to completely avoid the phenomenon of wearing mold, although two characters encounter together can not wear each other, but the clothing edge of two characters will appear wearing mold phenomenon, or shoes and weeds wear mold each other, but these can be accepted by players.Now back to the real world, if our world is simulated, our world will also have collision problems, for example, we need to open the door to go home, not through the door, because when we touch the door, there will be a collision.It’s just that the computers behind our world are so precise that even a single hair can’t get through the door.When a collision occurs, the “render” is synchronized.The renderings of different collisions in the game are rather rough, such as the two cars in the game, the 100km/h car and the 300/h car have almost the same effect after the collision.However, the rendering in the real world is complicated, and it also involves various reaction parameters of physics, chemistry, microscopic particles and other levels behind, so as to get the rendering picture through operation.For example, the distance of the car after the collision at what speed, the collision between tires and the ground should render what picture, what smell, what sound, the reaction of the collision between different metals should present the picture, the rendering of the car driver after the collision with different material objects.So what we see is scratches on the ground, sounds we hear, injuries to racers, sparks from collisions between different metals, discoloration, deformation, etc.Because the racer is a living thing, the calculations begin to increase geometrically.You need to calculate what you hit, where you hit it, how hard you hit it.The injuries and painful expressions you see on the driver’s face are renderings of you, and the driver himself is a living body, and you need to add renderings, such as calculating whether the car should be bruised or bleeding, what level of pain the nerve conduction system should let the car feel after the car, and so on.It is precisely because of the precision of the computers behind our world that we feel everything is so real.But the computer that simulates our world, no matter how strong the computing force is, it also needs to optimize and save the computing force, and the precision cannot be infinitely high. In order not to let us find it easily, the precision of the micro world is limited.There is a term in quantum physics called “quantum tunneling”, which means that when particles get very close to a barrier, some particles will simply pass through the barrier to the opposite side.This is equivalent to our home without opening the door, we can directly through the door into the home, quantum tunneling is caused by the limited accuracy of calculation.The wormhole bug takes advantage of the limited computational accuracy to achieve space travel. To continue with the example of a racing game, the programmer sets a maximum speed of 300 km/h for the racing game, and then the players in the game are racing.Assuming the map is an irregular U-shaped track with a large mountain in the middle and a total length of 30 kilometers, the best players will need at least 6 minutes to complete the course.Even if the track is straight, you can’t finish in less than six minutes, regardless of the initial acceleration time, because the maximum speed limit is 300 km/h.Now all of a sudden there’s a player who has reached the finish line in 30 seconds, and the only chance is that he found a bug and found a way to exploit it.For example, when he collided with a car, his route deviated and he hit the mountain in the middle. Instead of colliding with the mountain, he crossed to the other side of the mountain. After that, he was very close to the finish line, so it only took 30 seconds.He remembered where he had hit the mountain, so he hit it again next time, and later found that sometimes he could go through it;But sometimes he couldn’t, and he couldn’t understand why.The first thing to understand is how the programmer determines the speed limit, not just typing in 300 km/h and then capping it.Instead, it sets the minimum precision and time units for the car to change position, creating an upper limit for speed.Such as an aircraft from the earth to another planet, the distance between the assumption is composed of 100 grid, each grid is the minimum value, the precision is 1 second hypothesis through each cell of the time, so this time is the smallest unit of time value, 1 SEC aircraft if flying speed can reach a minimum of 1 second,Then you can reach the planet in 100 seconds.The programmer who simulates our world determines the minimum time it takes to pass through a cell by setting minimum values of accuracy and minimum units of time, and if our aircraft can pass through the cell within this minimum time, then the speed of light is what we call the speed of light.The player who takes advantage of the racing game bug, why sometimes can’t go through? This is because the collision detection in the game also has a time interval, if the car hits the mountain in the gap time, can go through.Later, the player slowly discovered that it was related to the speed of the car at the time of the collision, and the faster the speed, the greater the chance of passing through.But after all, he doesn’t know the program, so he doesn’t understand why he should hit the specific position, and why the speed should be as fast as possible. He doesn’t think about it, as long as he can use the bug to get good results and have fun.Next we need to understand why it’s a good place to hit, and the faster the better.Mountain is not a piece of paper, so from the side of the mountain to the other side, there is a distance, the distance is composed of N grid, so the car inside, out of the mountain on the other side wear of the time, must not be greater than that of the two detection time, want to make sure that in two detection time run the distance of the mountain, will depend on the speed.Assuming a collision test is done every two seconds and the car crashes in 1.3 seconds of gap time, the car needs to cover the hill in 0.7 seconds. If the gap time is 0.1 seconds, the car needs to be fast enough.Why to hit the unique position, that is because the distance between the two ends of the mountain at that position is the shortest, just can be the maximum speed of the car to run all the grid.So the speed of our world is determined by the minimum precision constraints of the underlying calculations, what we call the Planck size and the Planck time, so the speed of light, no matter how fast, is what we see.The existence of the quantum tunneling effect through which the wormhole can be opened proves that there is a mode-piercing bug in our universe. Since it exists, it can be exploited. The question is how to use it.We all know that the speed of light is the maximum speed known to human civilization, and this refers to the macroscopic world, but in the microscopic world, there are faster-than-light speeds.According to the uncertainty principle of energy time in quantum theory, the time of quantum crossing the barrier is inversely proportional to the energy measure of the barrier, meaning that the higher the energy of the barrier, the shorter the transient time.When the quantum tunneling is due to the effect of two particles infinitely close together, if we want to go to a star 100 light years away, the two planets are so far away that there is no possibility of collision, so we can not teleport there, how to solve this problem?I think no matter can fill matter, according to the effect that the time for quantum to cross the barrier is inversely proportional to the energy intensity of the barrier, it should be filled with a kind of high-energy matter, which is called dark matter or dark energy first.The so-called padding is to temporarily suck the dark matter or dark energy from the universe between the Earth and the target planet, the initial distance is controlled beyond the collision distance.The siphon tool would use a pyramid, one on each planet.The details of how to open the wormhole will be extremely mind-bending and based on the principles of quantum science, “how to open the wormhole (part 2)” will be with you.Before the relevant article, I received many partners’ questions, which is whether I can explain the phenomenon through the program. Here is a unified answer.Which came first, the chicken or the egg?Before the code is run, the initial assignment to the chicken species, whether the value is initialized to chicken or eggs, does not affect the operation of the code.But the egg should come first, because I’ve analyzed the underlying code of the universe from microscopic particles.Two, how to understand Laozi’s “Tao gives birth to one, life two, two gives birth to three, three gives birth to all things”?Suppose the server that simulates our universe loses data for some reason. If the programmer starts over again, it will go from nothingness to existence, and then gradually evolve.What is the purpose of the developer to simulate the universe?If I’m a developer, the purpose of my simulation of the universe is to make a game or open a coin.Game words, that is to earn money from krypton gold players, which player krypton more, which player created the character to be born into the planet level or family can be a little better, their own attributes will be high.When it comes to money, it’s based on Star Wars, like who’s the strongest civilization in the universe.War is a constant theme in the universe, from the interior of a star to the interior of a galaxy.Because war is all about resources, whether it’s World War I or World War II, it’s all about resources.So the distribution of resources on the planet is never even, because some places give more oil, and some places give more rare earths.But will be used up in the morning and evening, after the scientific and technological progress, available to the planet in the galaxy, a galaxy of obtaining after, will begin in other galaxies, if there is a planet at this time is also looking for outside the resources of a galaxy, happened to find the same, whose technology does not get farther galaxy?Will it be peaceful sharing or will it be survival of the fittest?I’m sure a civilization will be destroyed and the winner will exploit the resources.Since the Stone Age, when has peace been shared?It’s like they’re always looting, either for their own pack, or for their own tribe.So this dish mouth play is much, win alone?Let the points?Time?Area?Characters?Four, why some of the things that just happened, feeling ever appeared?Simulation computer also need to maintenance of the universe, to upgrade and restart, after the restart, some code will run first, before running the code produces some of the new data, the program completely restart after successful time check, and will make before running the code to run again, the residual memory will cause illusion scene rendering.What is the soul?If the developer is a game for the purpose, then your soul behind namely players transfer instructions to you, so your brain is information exchange and processor, that is to say, you decided to do something is not in your decision, but the instructions for what you do, you are in the process of thinking, you are the process of information exchange and processing.Six, what is the dream?Dreams are really not bugs, but “grasping” in Buddhist scriptures, which is very profound, involving too many, as well as parallel universes. The code and mathematical calculation behind it are very complicated, so I don’t need to explain more, and I will have a chance to explain it in depth later.