Daily San Diego: Breath of the Wild sequel jump ticket;New PS+ subscriptions announced

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It’s Wednesday, March 30th, and SONY’s angry Goolie continues with the latest ACG news: 1. The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild sequel announcement 2.The new PS Plus subscription service has been announced, and the latest first-party hits will still cost money.The Nvidia 3090Ti is only 14% faster than the 3090, but 33% more expensive. 4. Call of Duty players try to prove their innocence, but end up proving their innocence.Chinese fir fruit a flow chart of the day: “small Tina’s fantasy land” discount ~ 1. In “the legend of zelda: the breath of the desert” to continue the judge declared jump ticket yesterday evening, nintendo uploaded a paragraph about the legend of zelda: rate of the desert “sequel video, shows some simple game content, series producer green marsh at the end of the second announced this sale will be postponed to the spring of 2023.”We apologize for extending the release window for Breath of the Wild to spring 2023 after much deliberation,” Aanuma said in the video.”As previously shown, breath of the Wild sequel will no longer be about land and land, but will allow players to expand their adventures into the skies,” Aanuma added.And the world and map design of this game will be better, more rich gameplay and more romantic encounters are waiting for you.Our production team is working on making the game more unique, so please wait a little longer.”Counting the first trailer of 2019, we’ve only seen a few video demos that don’t reveal much so far, and we don’t even know the title of the game yet.According to a new patent filed by Nintendo in December, the game will introduce new gameplay mechanics, including a “meld” that can travel through the ground, a new free-fall system, and a “time rewind” mechanism.After last year’s E3, Nintendo said that the official name of the Breath of the Wild sequel would not be revealed until closer to release, as the title contained hints about the main story that might have been revealed earlier.Nintendo also said that while the sequel is based on Breath of the Wild, it will still be a complete Zelda game in its own right.SONY yesterday officially unveiled its new PlayStation Plus subscription service, which will launch in June and offer membership in three different tiers.The first tier: Basic, which comes with the same benefits as current PlayStation Plus members, including several free games per month for members, exclusive discounts, the ability to save games in the cloud, and access to multiplayer online play. Existing PlayStation Plus members will automatically switch to the service.Price: HK$48 per month/HK$128 per season/HK$308 per yearLevel 2: Upgrade. In addition to all the benefits of the basic version, the upgrade will include a new library of more than 400 PS4/5 titles, including popular titles from PlayStation Studios and third-party partners, that members can download whenever they want to play.Price: HK$75 per month/HK$215 per season/HK$515 per yearTier 3: Premium Edition, which offers up to 240 additional games in addition to all the benefits of the basic and upgraded versions, including streaming PS3 games through the cloud, as well as streaming and downloading options for classic games beloved by the original PlayStation, PS2 and PSP generations.In addition, premium edition members will also get a limited period of game trial service, before buying some games can try first.Since the PlayStation Now service is not available on HKG, the third tier of HKG will be PlayStation Plus Premium.PlayStation Plus Premium has all the benefits of the basic and upgraded versions. It does not offer PlayStation Now cloud streaming and costs slightly less than the premium version.But it also offers downloadable and playable classic games from the original PlayStation, PS2 and PSP generations, as well as limited-duration trial games.Price: HK$85 per month/HK$239 per season/HK$599 per yearIn a recent interview with GamesIndustry, PlayStation CEO Jim Ryan also talked about SONY’s new subscription service, although he acknowledged that the growth of the subscription model has had an impact on the industry,Still, Jim Ryan believes multiplayer online services will define the future of the game industry more than subscription services.Because such games keep users engaged for a long time, they are more in line with video games as a communication medium.”The importance of subscription services has certainly increased over the last few years,” Jim Ryan said.Take our PlayStation Plus membership, which has grown to 48 million since 2010. It’s clearly a force to be reckoned with, and I expect it to grow even further when our new subscription service comes online.But I still think the medium of games is very different from music and video, and I don’t think the subscription services in the games industry are going to reach the level of Spotify and Netflix.”In addition, Jim Ryan reiterated SONY’s emphasis on multiplayer online services, saying, “There are a lot of successful multiplayer online services out there, and they’re not limited to console games, they’re actually subscription services.I think this kind of game fits the needs of the modern gamer, and regardless of how much time they spend on the game, the cumulative amount of time they spend month after month increases engagement.Multiplayer online service game in the very great degree is pushing us in the past ten years have seen the enormous growth of the gaming industry, I think this type of game development momentum will continue, if you want to find a right in the game industry sustainable mode, which can support the long-term customer stickiness, so many people online service game update for a long time,May be a better fit for that than a subscription service.”Whether SONY’s new subscription service will add first-party games to the free lineup on launch day is also a big question for gamers, Jim Ryan said.”We won’t be adding SONY first-party games to the subscription library on launch day. If you’ve been a PlayStation Plus member, you know that’s never been SONY’s approach to subscription, so we’re still not going to do that with this new subscription service.””We think adding first-party games to the free-to-play library on launch day will break the virtuous cycle of the PlayStation first-party studio,” Adds Jim Ryan.”The huge development costs and quality of SONY studios make it impossible for us to have a free launch because it would have a huge side effect on our games, and we don’t think players want to see a free launch that degrades the overall quality of our games.”The worst news for us PC gamers is the “price hike” for PS Now.PC players have been able to stream exclusive games like Bloodfeed via PS Now, but in the future, only the most premium subscription services will be able to stream, and at $17.99 per month / $49.99 per quarter / $119.99 per year, the price is not cheap.It’s a paradoxical time for PC gamers, where exclusive games used to be exclusively available on certain platforms, but now consoles are optional hardware, and PC gamers can play “exclusive games” on other platforms for a relatively inexpensive fee…More choice, but also more confusion.3. Nvidia is officially announcing the GeForce RTX 3090Ti, which is 14% faster and 33% more expensive than the 3090.According to PCGAMER, the TUF RTX 3090Ti has more CUDA cores, higher frequencies, and more video memory, which gives gamers a 14% better framerate for a whopping £1,879 (¥15,645).The high-end water-cooled version costs around £2,050 (¥17,068), a 33% increase over the RTX 3090.The higher character also means more consumption, with the RTX 3090Ti reaching a whopping 492W at maximum power and the higher-end OC models sometimes reaching 510W.It seems that the 1000W recommendation does have a point, and I wonder if the RTX 40 series and AMD’s new graphics cards will surprise us later this year.Call of Duty: Vanguard player Kenji recently tried to livestream his game to prove that he hadn’t cheated in a previous tournament, but it turned out that he was a cheater.Kenji defeated rivals ImSasukee and iLuhvly in a 2V2 duel, after which the opponent challenged him and demanded to watch Kenji’s live video.Kenji sent out the video in an attempt to prove his innocence, but Checkmate immediately noticed that Kenji’s first view showed a floating matrix (with perspective turned on), which made it easy for Kenji to track them on the map.Kenji has earned nearly $4,000 playing Call of Duty events since the end of 2020, but this cheating will rule him out of future college tournaments, as well as four other teammates.5. 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