4 this female xiuxian article, she cut her way, set foot on the peak of the human world, straight to the sky avenue!

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Hello, everyone, I am Han Han, this issue to share 4 female xiuxian text, she broke through the thorns, set foot on the peak of the human world, straight to the sky!One, “Xiao Jiu Xiu Xian Ji” author: Chi Ting people short comments: female xiu Xian wen, no male master, ling root set.Heroine native personage, no pass through, no rebirth.This article is about the goddess of the course.Born for the family is not valued ordinary female, as a result of being brought up by the immortal from the circle, its vision, mind nature is higher than ordinary people.In the family forced marriage, far away, into the fairy world.Happened to be no good master accepted as a large door disciple, began the road of self-reliant cultivation of immortals.The heroine is of a happy-go-lucky nature, so there are few obstacles in the mood.It’s a pretty quick progression.As a result of learning piano, chess, calligraphy and painting since childhood, so in the system of character talent is very high.This is a positive energy xiu Xian wen, has finished this.Very inspirational, strong push!Second, “Danya Immortal Road” author: Xin Yu short comments: Female xiuxian novel, xiuzhen world background.The story is mainly about growth and revenge, rebuilding order, there are emotional lines, but the main story, male and female three views, rare like one of CP works.This article tells the story of the hero who becomes a great power and wishes to go back to the past. He would rather bear many costs and even be misunderstood, but also want to give his double practice partner a chance to survive. Finally, the two of them finally get a successful story.In this paper, the heroine is strong, brave, indomitable, see her and her friends step by step, how many sacrifices to get the final big happy ending, really very touching!The male master of the female master’s love is also moving, very swordsman wind fairy novel, worth a look!Three, “fairy formula” author: snake hair elegant short comments: female strong without CP xiexiwen, classic.The heroine is one of the favorite books in the sanxiu setting. She doesn’t hate the heaven and despise the disciples of the Clan, and she doesn’t open all the way to hang secret treasures everywhere.The heroine also began to live in the mortal world with her mother, who was a martial arts master, but naturally could not compete with the real monk. Later, she died at the hands of the monk to protect the heroine.The heroine began to flee the world, but lucky to be found by his father’s family, and because there is a spirit root was brought back to the original home xianxin.The heroine in a valley of the family to obtain the inheritance of the family patriarch, in the family cultivation almost go out, and then open cultivation, upgrade, treasure, change the map, then cultivation, upgrade, treasure, change the map……There is no turning back.Like sisters can move a view.Four, “Celestial Spirit Atlas” author: Yun Ji ji short comment: classic goddess xiu Xian, the gist of this book lies in, before this, whether there is immortal to seek, can walk.Tells the story of the heroine and small partners with the responsibility of the day, step by step fairy journey.Is also to give up the memory of the rebirth of the power, abandoned the road and the way to be a person, affirmation of self, get rid of the mood of the last life, after suffering, and partners together to uncover the plot to save the world, but also the sweetheart eventually came together with the story.My favorite female deity.The world view is very big, the more late the more like.The author’s story is riveting and his writing is lively and humorous.I have read it many times, and every time I want to read it, I will reread it.These are all the contents of the 4 nymphs. If you like this type of fairies, please remember to like and collect them. See you next time