Today, I shot two arrows in the Mulan Prairie

2022-08-11 0 By

On the fifth day of the first month of the Year of the Tiger, it was cloudy and rare.Driving with friends and family for more than an hour, we arrived at huangpi Mulan grassland northeast of Wuhan.In the archery hall on the prairie, we first watched the actions of others and found that few people hit the target, either too low in front of the target, or too high and far away.After reading, I have a number in my heart.I’m on.Stand with your legs apart, hold the bow in your left hand, take the arrow in your right hand, pull the bow full, aim at the target, raise the arrow slightly, take a deep breath, hold your breath, release the right hand, whoosh, the arrow lands, not touching the target at all;Try again. The arrow flies over the target.Frustrated!”Try again, try again!There was encouragement.Well, try it.Then stabilize the mind, hold your breath, an arrow flies out, “thang” a nail to the target.There were cheers from the crowd.Keep up the good work, another arrow.No one in the group hit him except me.I remember last year in Wuchang Huashan shooting, automatic rifle 40 shots only on the target two bullets, too far away, my right eye vision too poor.Archery is the characteristic sport of grassland nationality, especially when riding horseback and galloping, archery is a special skill.Everything, study hard, will be able to progress!Shoot two arrows, my heart is at ease.2022.2.5