“The wind blows hard” is easier said than done

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One day, Su Dongpo took a sudden impulse and wrote a poem with great insight: The beginning of the day, the light is thousands of, eight wind blowing immovable, sitting firmly purple gold lotus.When he finished, he read it aloud. He felt that the mood was very high, and thought that he should let the Buddhist master of the buddhist temple across the river appreciate it, so he asked his servant to send it to him.Let’s take advantage of the gap between the servant’s delivery of the poem to analyze the poetry: The beginning of the day, in the middle of the day, the light shines daqian, which means that the righteousness of Buddhism is higher than the heaven, and the light of Buddha spreads all over the world. The third sentence is the core of the poem, “eight winds”, namely, refamation, reputation, destruction, benefit, decline, suffering and joy.The horoscope is a total sum up in life, no matter who, has been praised certainly feel better, warm, by referring contemptuously, destroyed, will be angry, hatred and hard since the suppression, a bitter joy natural persons are the same, also is human nature, all people who avoid failure, also is the instinct of a man, known as the wind, the eight words can always the rabble-rousing, such as fixed in front of the eight wind only the Buddha,Su Dongpo also felt that he could be neither bitter nor happy, nor angry nor afraid of any situation. He was able to reach the state of Buddha without moving before the eight winds.Recalling the poetry, Su dongpo felt like a spring breeze, thinking that Buddhist Monk Foyin was praising him…Immersed in joy, the servant brought the Buddha seal to evaluate, opened the envelope, the poem was written “fart” two words.Dongpo see this can not help but angry eyes staring mouth distortion: you don’t praise his niang Buddha also just, but also publicly insult, then started, angry across the river to find Buddha Yin theory and come to the next zen master, Buddha Yin zen master already standing above, looking at the angry Su Dongpo, Buddha Yin ha ha laughed:The lay scholar Su Dongpo, who was imbued with eight winds, was unexpectedly blown by my fart wind. Su Dongpo immediately woke up and apologized to Fo Yin with his face flushed: knowing is easy to do is difficult!I was wrong.