The last gold medal of the Winter Olympics is over!Water control success!Double spring onion barrel 4 weeks jump, power over the opponent

2022-08-11 0 By

Double skating is the last gold medal event for our team. If we win the gold medal, we will be further ranked in the medal table.God knows “green bucket combination” Sui Wenjing Han Cong in the end how much pressure, just before the game said to adjust the difficulty, with the highest difficulty coefficient chong gold.Let the green barrel combination so much pressure, not only because of the medal count glory, but also because the opponent from the “short program” from the beginning of the water.Fortunately, Sui Wenjing Han Cong temporarily increased the difficulty, otherwise, it is really possible to be a yellow light but “hair water” fighting nation all the gold, silver and bronze.With the end of the short program ending, two people are different, free skating hair Sui Wenjing Han Cong cried.Even the fat birds can feel the difficulty across the screen. The fighting Nation has already watched the show from the top three seats with a super high score of 239.25.A small mistake is likely to have no grain, in order to rush gold Sui Wenjing Han Cong made a tough acrobatic program, even double quadruplad are used, fortunately, kung fu pays off for those who help them, two of the veteran surgery finally “grand slam” got their due honor, not by “water” down.In addition to the pressure of MEDALS, the pressure of high scores of fighting ethnic groups, and the pressure of “water control” also caused great psychological burden.Just finished before the “goose” is to touch the ice, is a throw error, is a yellow light, but the score is invincible high.As you can imagine, the judges’ preferences are visible to the naked eye.The “green onion bucket combination” used its strength to control the water and narrowly won by 0.63. In fact, our difficulty factor was higher.From Su yiming to Cong Tong, if we want to win the gold medal, we have to double our strength “water all the way”, I hope that through this athletes pave the way, the judges can treat our athletes equally in the future.Do you think we got our last money too hard?Follow fat Bird and talk about it