DOTA: The technique is fine, the ladder always loses, are you sure your game is fine?

2022-08-11 0 By

The top score in the knife tower is the biggest headache for every player. Many players complain that the matching mechanism of the ladder is too bad, and the system is forced to balance the 50% win rate.The official answer is that the closer your ladder score gets to your true level, the closer your ladder win rate gets to 50%.For the official this explains many players don’t accept, I believe you are playing ladder, there will be a losing streak after winning streak, small make up oneself also experienced many times, have experience greatly, once a wave of 18 in a row that can firmly dashed a wave of ladder points, back row directly again give me a 20 even kneeling, moments that make me doubt life,The handlebars are all in high-intensity confrontation, and every operation of looking at teammates is full of blood pressure. After facing the red record, they may be in a bad mood in the next few days and even dare not continue to play.When we win in a row, even if you play a trick on how improper people is to win, or there is a thigh teammate with lying down, or someone on the other side of the disease, anyway, the winning streak is the situation is very smooth how the selection can win.Even kneeling time is to lose to you doubt life, choose a middle way even if you hit the opponent, everywhere with the rhythm of the audience super god ten kill even 20 kill no solution fat, and finally found the opposite have more monsters than you, still can not win.Or full three road crash, be opposite played no strike back, what kind of teammate can meet, hang up the tricky, random and not play, it’s all sorts of evil spirits and ghosts are losing streak can encounter when, thought it met teammates enough wide of the mark, a surprise that the next may be more outrageous, quite interesting, simple said is brother you feel despair?Straight, even kneeling basically has become the everyday experiences that most of the players today are used to be salted fish, a lot of people feel the real level of 5000 points, but the legend of ages section water is too deep to pivot points under the matching mechanism is difficult, but whereas those anchor when opening the small fishing why broke the fifty percent of the mechanism?When the anchor and the trainer are ranked, they play in the middle in most cases, relying on their own level far beyond the opposite side to directly crush the opponent on the line, to ensure that they have no fat. At the same time, they have already thought about how to win at the beginning and who to target at the middle and late stages.It’s very fast-paced and doesn’t give the other side much room to swipe.And the most important point is that most of the time, they will direct their teammates how to play. In fact, most of the players have no problems in operation. The main reason for their poor performance is that they cannot keep up with the consciousness and rhythm.The final conclusion: if we feel that their level is no problem, higher than the current section, when playing the ladder is the last single selection, because the middle is the way most affected by teammates least, the first and middle game rhythm is basically in the hands of the single, whether you choose to develop or support teammates are up to you.Of course, you can try to communicate more with your teammates at ordinary times, especially when you are at a disadvantage. Communication is very important. As long as you stick to it, it is as simple as drinking water!For the system matching mechanism of the ladder, how do you understand the audience, welcome to leave a message to discuss