Yellow light and yellow flash, what’s the difference?Be sure to look carefully

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Yellow light is a kind of transition signal light, play a warning role, remind the driver signal is about to change, please slow down.However, many drivers see the yellow light flashing but quickly rush, at this time it is very easy to have a traffic accident, but there are some people see the yellow light on the acceleration, once nothing, twice nothing…I thought I had been favored by the god of fortune. However, the god of fortune also has a time to slow down, and the result was tragic!So when the traffic lights are flashing yellow, how should we pass correctly and safely?Yellow flash light is a safety warning light, which is mainly used for ramps, school gates, intersections, turns, multiple pedestrians and other dangerous roads or Bridges with hidden safety hazards, as well as mountain roads with heavy fog and low visibility, to remind drivers to drive safely.The flashing yellow light is a flashing warning signal to remind vehicles and pedestrians of the intersection ahead.Drive through the intersection to see the signal light yellow flash, as long as ensure safe speed, orderly through, pay attention to comity pedestrians can.When the yellow light is on, cars within the stop line are not allowed to move forward.Vehicles crossing the stop line can continue on the premise of ensuring safety.Remember, do not “grab the yellow light”!Yellow light: rather stop three minutes, do not grab a second yellow light: slow down slowly, safety through then the question comes again, why some junctions have traffic lights, some junctions are not set up?Setting up signal lights at intersections cannot solve all safety and efficiency problems, and controlling the intersections where signal lights should not be set will only backfire.Traffic police have principles when they light traffic lights.Shu shu will be based on the actual situation, combined with the factors considered in the setting of traffic lights, to analyze whether the intersection is suitable for the setting of traffic lights.Please keep in mind that the red light stops, the green light goes, and the yellow light is on. The yellow light is on, and so on. Slow down and go slowly.