We have boosted rural vitalization

2022-08-10 0 By

Xingsha Times news (correspondent Nie Fen reporter Yang Yuan) recently, Changsha County Ansha Town held a “rural revitalization lecture hall” activities, organized to convey the spirit of the document on food production and deployment of the current agricultural and rural work.Conference, Ann charge convey learned the county town agriculture rural work conference spirit and promote grain production in 2022 by the xingsha ten steps, “the document spirit, from food production, beautiful create livable village, strengthen the village-level collective economy, rural governance and standardize the villagers to build for agriculture and rural areas, service and so on six aspects of agriculture and rural areas work arrangement.At the event, leaders from Dinggongqiao Village, Xinhua Village, Wanjiapu Village and Tianjian Agricultural Machinery Professional Cooperative society stepped onto the lecture hall in turn.They shared and exchanged good practices and experiences with participants on how to do a good job in grain production, build a beautiful and livable village and expand collective economic income at the village level, improve the level of rural governance, and carry out the “socialized service” mode of grain production, so as to empower and empower the agricultural and rural work of the town.It is reported, by Ann town early launch party members and cadres to carry out the “New Year visit” activities, combined with visiting reflect relatively concentrated agricultural difficulties and problems that exist in the rural work, positive research and discussion, in view of the new task of grain production this year, in county level based on ten steps, Ann town plan fill “three, three, four security measures,To ensure food security, we will provide subsidies for planting, agricultural machinery and seeds, large households, collective farmers and officials to farm their crops, and make every effort to guarantee agricultural supplies, facilities, cultivated land and specialized technology.