Want to take a road trip, but don’t know how to choose?

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Want to take a road trip, but don’t know how to choose?Take a look at the motherland’s beautiful rivers and mountains, let your body and mind get baptism!Tang City of Xiangyang, you used to come to Xiangyang because of eating a bowl of hot beef noodles, also because of Gulongzhong, but also because of Guo Jing’s performance in the battle of Xiangyang, now, you come to Xiangyang again, that is, after watching the Legend of the Demon Cat of Tang Dynasty, Tang City is really famous.I don’t know if the name comes from ‘dragon unloading armor’, but when you come to this place, your guard will be completely relaxed.There are plenty of geothermal resources and hot spring resources. What can you do to enjoy hot spring in winter?The natural scenery gives people a sense of fairyland.The Tujia people live here, and the unique customs of tujia are still maintained here.Unloading ping is more than 300 kilometers away from Wuhan, with rich products and simple local customs, so it is a good choice.Yaoli Yaoli Ancient Town, located near Jingdezhen, is a very distinctive place, like a long river frozen in time, with beautiful scenery.The sky of Yaochi seems to have been washed, and the hui-style buildings with black tiles and blue bricks are reflected on the lake, and the eaves are towering, especially on rainy days.This is the true location of Wuhan’s Swan Lake: the Fuhe Wetland, home to thousands of migratory birds every winter.Garnet village is like a small town in the South of the Yangtze River, with its simple and elegant emblematic buildings, just like passing through Huizhou.And tulip Park, even if you miss it, it will take you into a colorful dream world.The great Nine Lakes in Shennongjia in winter are really beautiful!Quiet like a virgin, like a beautiful woman, and like a dream.It seems that those ordinary words have been unable to express her gentle and elegant, to Shennongjia, you can also ski in the ski resort.Quzhou Qianjiang source, but not the general water town, in addition to the gentle Jiangnan, here is also a rare scenery in the South of the Yangtze River, known as the Greater Hinggan Mountains in Heilongjiang Province, Wuyi Mountain known as the “southeast clear water Danshan jia,” said, especially Tianyou Peak, Jiuqu Creek.On the bamboo raft in the jiuqu Creek boat, looking at the sky you peak, that is how comfortable.The Wuhan high speed train only takes 4 hours to reach Wuyi Mountain, which is the most convenient way.