The end of the first semester of grade 9 in 2021-2022 academic year in Yuhang District, Hangzhou city, Zhejiang Province

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Senior middle school mathematics teachers after the 60’s original creation of the “Mathematics 120 problem solving model three Musketeers”, 10 courseware and more than 680 sets of video courses deep integration, divided into basic, method, improve, expand four modules, selected over the years of the middle school examination questions, classic questions, good questions, with 21 special topics,From “what is, why, how to do, how to think of” four levels of analysis and interpretation of 120 models of the past and present life and identification, construction, application skills, covering the mathematics of the high school entrance examination all problem-solving methods, laws and routines.Designed for students to prepare for exams, teachers to improve, parents to accompany to create a set of “easy to use, easy to learn, easy to understand, easy to know” thinking guide graphic courseware — courseware to clarify the entry point: sorting out ideas, focusing on what?Why is that?Video analysis landing point: Integrate the model, explain how to do?How do you think?Courseware and video complement each other and complement each other, paying attention to both teaching them to fish and teaching them to be interesting.One-stop, multimedia, intimate and personal math learning course for the high school entrance examination, let you complete the metamorphosis from learning to wisdom, to become the master of problem solving and examination – courseware guide, mind map;Video analysis, model navigation;Atlas annotation, formula point eye – six in one junior high school mathematics one-stop, multimedia, personalized wisdom to help training excellent tutorial.A picture to read “junior high school mathematics one plate Qing”, formerly known as “high school entrance examination (junior high school) mathematics 120 problem solving model three musketeers” –