Lucheng District: build a good nest to attract the phoenix

2022-08-10 0 By

On February 12, although the weather is still cold, but lu Cheng District intelligent manufacturing industrial Park, is a hive of activity.The machinery is in operation, the construction machinery shuttle, workers are racing against time, only for the introduction of the project can be put into production as soon as possible, to promote the high-quality development of Lu Cheng to provide a solid guarantee.”Now the main part of the project has been completed, the road is being laid, the first phase of the project is expected to be completed in June this year and put into use.”Lu Cheng Economic and Technological Development Zone administrative committee administrative approval department minister, project leader Wang Xiaoyu said.To attract the head enterprises in developed regions, chain enterprises, to undertake strategic emerging industry cluster, urban area according to the provincial party committee, provincial government promote a high quality construction of the national development policy decisions and changzhi city transformation and upgrading of resources city demonstration area development localization, investing in the Internet smart industrial park, provide science and technology enterprise incubators.In addition to the construction of standardized professional plants, Lu Cheng has issued a number of “core” policies, such as decoration subsidies, rent concessions, accommodation for senior executives and staff, etc., to attract investment and attract investment and talents, which has attracted more emerging industrial projects to Lu Cheng.”Plant the sycamore tree, bring the phoenix to”.In recent years, Lucheng district vigorously promotes precision high-end manufacturing, electronic information and innovation, hydrogen energy and other ten industries, focusing on the development of biomedicine, chemical medicine and food processing, coal-based new materials two industrial clusters.This year, Lu Cheng will promote 159 key projects, with a total investment of 62.1 billion yuan. The planned investment for this year is 11.6 billion yuan, of which 25 are listed as key projects at the provincial and municipal levels.In particular, the chain development of strategic emerging industry clusters has been accelerated. The number of strategic emerging enterprises in the region has reached 16, realizing the transformation from zero to one and from one to many.Lucheng district has followed the rhythm of investment attraction and project construction closely, creating the speed of project construction of Lu Cheng with the attitude of “coming at a moment’s notice, signing upon arrival, signing upon arrival and starting on arrival”, and taking out the attitude of “leading the project at the division level, setting up special classes and establishing promotion mechanism”.In the future, Lucheng District will carefully cultivate, to ensure that listed companies reach 3, strive to 5;China’s GDP doubled from 12.8 billion yuan in 2020 to more than 26 billion yuan, contributing to the building of the country’s demonstration zones for the transformation and upgrading of resource-based cities.(Source: Changzhi Daily wang Qiang)