Chapter 3 of First Love

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I grew up in such a family, has been looking forward to their own can grow up quickly, quickly leave this remote bird not shit the devil place.So even though I was 16 years old, there were so many love letters, heart-shaped letters, little notes, postcards, and I never opened them.Some of them were sent back directly by the sender, and some of them were not willing to help me return them, and I just tore them up in front of them, just to show them that I didn’t read the letter, didn’t want to know who it was, and didn’t want to accept curiosity.On this day, my elder sister, brother-in-law and as usual, while it is still bright bright one early in the morning to eat a good breakfast, ready to bring the mountain to eat lunch, haven’t wait my niece and nephew up left home to go to the mountains to work, this to all the household chores in the home to me, in the afternoon will come home, and I will stay with the children until the day of natural sober would let them get out of bed.