Rare Chinese welcome to THE US. What happened?Shortly after the winter Olympics began, Wang Yi received a special phone call

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In recent years, In terms of economy, China has become a huge economy second only to the United States, making great contributions to the world economy.Even in the special period of the spread of the epidemic, China has maintained its own economic growth rate at a high level, which can be said to be a lifeline for the rest of the world to further achieve economic recovery.At the same time, The continuous improvement of China’s comprehensive national strength also makes China’s participation in international affairs gradually deepen.By doing things in an objective and fair manner, the world has seen China’s sense of responsibility as a major country.Under the pressure of the epidemic and the so-called “boycott” proposed by the United States, China successfully completed the opening ceremony, thoroughly proving its strength and showing the charm of China to people around the world.And on the 4th day of east Austria, Wang Yi received a special phone call.According to relevant media reports, Chinese State Councilor and Foreign Minister Wang Yi recently had a phone conversation with his Iranian counterpart, during which the Iranian foreign Minister explained the current progress of the Iranian nuclear negotiations.After that, Wang Yi expressed his support for Iran’s legitimate demands.This is also a demonstration of China’s great power style. From the beginning of the Iranian nuclear issue to now, China has been making strenuous efforts to solve the issue, and finally achieved results, which is worthy of China’s efforts.According to U.S. officials, the United States is considering a waiver from sanctions on Iran’s civilian nuclear facilities.China welcomes this as a right step taken by the US side.Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Zhao Lijian made it clear that the US should completely correct its wrong policy of “maximum pressure” on Iran and lift all illegal sanctions against Iran and a third party.In fact, this is true. It is the right way to correct mistakes, rather than let mistakes continue to cause serious consequences.Get back into Iran’s nuclear system soon, or the world will be angry.After all, this was unilaterally caused by the US, and the Biden administration should not expect the world to pay for it.Win-win Cooperation is the Trend of The Times At present, the Iranian nuclear negotiations have been able to achieve such a result, China has made a lot of contributions to it.Judging from the struggle between the United States and Iran, more and more countries must be dissatisfied with the hegemony of the United States, and even openly oppose it. This actually shows that hegemony is no longer applicable to this era, and China’s pursuit of win-win cooperation is what the era advocates.I believe that with the push of China and other relevant countries, the wind of cooperation will spread across the world.This is what all countries in the world want to see. After all, an unstable world is in no one’s interest.China has already warned the US that if the US continues to uphold hegemonism, it will suffer terrible consequences. And Biden is facing domestic troubles and foreign aggression. Resolving the Iranian nuclear issue will help reduce the pressure.Disclaimer: picture source network, if there is infringement please contact to inform.Partial information reference source: huanqiu net, China news network