Hainan adjusted nucleic acid detection price single single detection of the highest not more than 25 yuan/person

2022-08-09 0 By

This article is from:PRC’s haikou, April 7 (xinhua wang shuo) the reporter learns from hainan medical and health department, on April 7, medical insurance bureau of hainan province and hainan province jointly issued by the health committee “about further reduce will be coronavirus nucleic acid detection project price notice (hereinafter referred to as the” notice “), clear cut will be further hainan coronavirus nucleic acid testing price,It will be implemented uniformly in the whole province from 0:00 on April 8, 2022.The Notice specifies that the price of single test of novel Coronavirus nucleic acid test (including test reagent) shall be reduced to a maximum of RMB 25 per person, and the price of mixed test (including test reagent) shall be reduced to a maximum of RMB 8 per person, regardless of the number of samples (that is, unlimited number of people). The above medical insurance payment standards shall be adjusted accordingly.In carrying out novel Coronavirus nucleic acid testing services in public medical institutions, both single and multi-person tests should be provided. On the premise of complying with the provisions on epidemic prevention and control, people who are willing to take all the coronavirus tests should be allowed to choose to do so voluntarily.”Notice” clearly the public medical institutions, as well as the medical test laboratory and so on the third party testing institutions will be coronavirus nucleic acid testing services, pricing should follow the principle of “fairness, lawfulness, honesty and credit”, reflect guaranteed small profit, quality and price, can not borrow outbreak ill-gotten gains, advocating new crown nucleic acid detection reference to local public medical institution.Other requirements for novel Coronavirus nucleic acid testing shall remain in accordance with Joan Health Code no. 134 2020 and Joan Health Code No. 310 2021.