40 commemorative coins will be issued, there are many special coins, which are worth reserving

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The exchange of commemorative coins for the Winter Olympic Games is hot, and tibetans are looking forward to the second reservation of commemorative coins for the Year of the Tiger.However, they are all old coins issued last year, more friends are concerned about which commemorative coins will be issued next.According to the issuance plan, 40 more coins are likely to be issued in the first half of this year, of which 38 have already been confirmed.So are they worth booking?Let’s start with the precious metal commemorative coins that will be issued.Three sets of gold, silver and precious metals commemorative coins have already been issued in the first half of this year, and it is mentioned that a set of commemorative coins will be issued every month from April to June.There aren’t many species, but there are a lot of them.Among them, the Asian Games gold and silver coin issued in April is the least interesting.Because before the theme of the larger Winter Olympics gold and silver coins, the performance is mediocre.What really deserves attention should start from the auspicious cultural gold and silver coins in May.In this set of gold and silver coins, the heart-shaped commemorative coin has always been the best performer because of its love theme.This year, however, more heart-shaped coins, both gold and silver, are in circulation, and they may be weaker than expected.In addition, the auspicious cultural series, often in addition to heart-shaped commemorative coins, a dark horse, we can also look forward to.Commemorative coins of the 24 solar terms in June are heavier.28 commemorative coins will be issued on its own theme.Among them, there are 24 silver coins, one for each solar term.Although this set of commemorative coins is issued in a large number, they are all of small size, and it is also a project that President Jin attaches great importance to.It uses the familiar solar term theme, easy to shine in the design.And, for the first time, they will have square gold and silver coins!In Xiao Tian’s opinion, this is the most anticipated set of commemorative coins in the first half of this year.It is worth mentioning that gold and silver coins are different from ordinary commemorative coins and cannot be booked directly with face value.They now often in the coin cloud business and all lines to launch the issue price lottery reservation, but there is the possibility of falling below the issue price, so can not participate in random.In xiaotian’s opinion, the first half of the year is worth participating in heart-shaped commemorative coins and silver coins of the 24 solar terms.2 Special-shaped commemorative coins In addition to the 38 precious metals commemorative coins mentioned above, 2 special-shaped ordinary commemorative coins are likely to be issued in the first half of this year.Compared with the minority gold and silver coins, the attention of ordinary coins is much higher.To take an intuitive example, in the gold and silver coin, the circulation of 100,000 is too large.But 120 million common currency, a lot of people will think less.So that’s the gap in participation.According to the issuance plan, huangshan coins and Emei Coins in the double heritage series will be issued this year.Their circulation should continue the series tradition at 120m.And they’ll also be square, alien coins.Before taishan coin and Wuyishan coin, have shone brilliantly.Therefore, these two commemorative coins attracted much attention.So when will they be released?Industry sources recently said they could launch as soon as April.Although there is no confirmation, the two coins are likely to be issued in the first half of the year.In the second half of the year, there are also national park coins and zodiac coins, which are too closely arranged and inappropriate.All in all, most of the commemorative coins to be issued next have bright spots and are worth looking forward to.