14. Walking into Jianshui (1)

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Entering Jianshui (1) In the series of essays on “Climbing the Tea Mountain again”, there is an article called “Rushing the Field in Life”.Inspired by this, when I planned my last novel, I decided “Life rushes” as the title of the work.This time it’s the other way around.”Yunnan Story” series of essays, “(1) : Kunqu Expressway (1996)” has been completed;”(ii) : Chu Highway (1997-1999)” will be left for Lao Wang to spare time, the two of them together to retrace the route of the battle before writing;”(B) Living in Kunming” as the task of this year, 300 articles, 300,000 words;”(four) : Walk into Jianshui” depending on the situation.The so-called decision depends on the situation, of course, depends on whether to settle down in Jianshui in the future.Due to my poor health, I can’t even get cold in kunming in winter.At this time of year, ears and fingers get frostbitten, and the fear of getting out of a warm bed in the morning is agonizing.To escape the cold of winter, I often thought of going south and living in a small town.Such as Jianshui.Xinxinniannianjian water, based on luck.On the way south, Banna seems remote and a tourist city, too noisy and not cheap to live in.Banna and Kunming, there are many options, once indecisive.On the eve of the Spring Festival of 2021, accompany Lao Wang to visit the tea market under xiaozhuang overpass again.The owner’s second daughter runs the tea shop.The eldest daughter has a purple pottery processing workshop in Jianshui and just came to Kunming that day.He talked about visiting the workshop if he had a chance.I suddenly found inspiration, why not settle down?After returning home, search Baidu, from text to video, to have an in-depth understanding of Jianshui, a border city on the plateau.Location, climate, geography, scenery, ethnic groups, folk customs, local products, history, culture, health, as well as transportation and food, all attract me to explore.One word for it: “just right.”It’s not too close, it’s not too far, it’s not too hot, it’s not too high, it’s not too crowded.From the province’s large range, belong to the quiet.Speak from individual small county, be be noisy in take static.Located in kunming southward vertical line, smooth back and forth, without too much remoteness or block feeling.I’m a little superstitious about directions.Kunming west, north always feel some uncomfortable, only the east, south for reference.To my repeated mention of Jianshui, Lao Wang said he would go there together after the Chinese New Year.But I can’t wait for him.Especially after returning to Danzhai, tea mountain again, the mood is more urgent.Fifty to one, it’s really time to decide where to end up.What are you waiting for?In order to show that THERE is no passive waiting, I made a quick decision last night and bought today’s round-trip train ticket. I planned to get in and out as fast as possible to have a preliminary contact with the ancient City of Lin ‘an and feel the life atmosphere of “southeast of Xiongzhen”.In the era of mobile Internet, a mobile phone can travel all over the world.With the help of “Baidu.com”, I have considered everything before setting out.Just ten hours in Jianshui, the ancient city is a must, other scenic spots do not make arrangements this time, would rather walk in the streets, all the way to see.Look at the pattern, look at the people, look at the daily, look at the ordinary.Sheng Dou xiaomin, life is nothing more than food, clothing, housing, food, drink and lavage, not too much lofty, only ordinary dribs and DRBS.This is what I need to see and experience before I make my final decision.In the year of The Tiger, can we make a decision?Start 2022.1.25