“Watergate Bridge” thousands of miles of brotherly love is moving, real history also has such a pair of brothers

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“Changjin Lake” has topped China’s box office record for the National Day holiday.Perhaps the only game that can beat Chosin Lake is Chosin Lake Gate Bridge.”Watergate Bridge of Changjin Lake” as the sequel of “Changjin Lake”, on the basis of the previous work in a comprehensive upgrade, many viewers said that the scene is more hot, the war is more brutal, watching more shock.Some viewers commented that they couldn’t help crying during the watergate Bridge. It was so easy to cry. The soldiers of The Seventh Company are each other’s family.Compared to its predecessor, watergate Bridge, the war scenes are more intense and exciting, but in fact, the movie’s biggest upgrade should be the emotional scenes.It is the sublimation of wu Qianli and Wu Wanli brotherly affection, it is the deepening of mei Sheng’s yearning for his wife and daughter, and it is also the presentation of deep war friendship between the whole seven company soldiers.Wu Wanli is a lakeside wild child at the beginning, when brother Wu Qianli comes home to visit relatives, let him have the idea of joining the army.In “Changjin Lake”, Wu Qianli once said to Wanli, “Eldest brother said, the two of us should fight all the battles, do not let you fight.”But in the end, Wan Li followed his brother to the battlefield.For Wu Qianli, Wanli is his soldier, but it is his younger brother, so he will always protect him.In Watergate Bridge, the audience can deeply feel that the relationship between the two brothers is getting better and better.Wanli grew up in the war and finally became an excellent soldier.Just enlisted in the army when Wanli is always eager to prove himself, want to let his brother think highly of himself, and now, he is the pride of his brother.In the real war to resist the United States and aid Korea, there are also such a pair of brothers.Lu Zhijian, a 94-year-old veteran of the Jangjin-ho Battle, was reunited with his younger brother, Lu Jian, this Spring Festival.Lu zhijian joined the People’s Liberation Army in 1948 at the age of 20;In 1950, at the age of 23, he said goodbye to his family and boarded a train with his unit bound for North Korea.Now 94, he watched the film several times, accompanied by his family, each time in tears.”I was on such a train,” the movie recalls.It never occurred to Roh that his farewell to his brother when he left home would be forever.Unlike wu Wanli and his 19-year-old brother, Lu Jian, who was part of the second group of volunteers to go to North Korea, He did not fight with his brother.The brothers were in different companies, and Mr. Roh did not know that his brother was also fighting in Korea.According to the old man, 13 soldiers in his brother’s communication class were on a communication mission when they were hit by a U.S. artillery shell, killing his brother and seven of his comrades.Roh said that after the Jangjin-ho Battle, he visited the place where his brother was killed, but did not find any relics.Speaking of his younger brother, the old man smiled slightly. “He is smart, handsome, intelligent and brave. He is the most promising boy in our family.”The battle of Jangjin Lake brought lu Zhijian both physical and mental damage.In that war, he not only lost his closest brother, but also froze 10 of his toes, causing permanent damage to his body.After the victory of the war, Lu Zhijian fortunately returned to his motherland, but his younger brother Lu Jian slept forever in a foreign land.Now more than 70 years have passed, lu Zhijian’s life is getting better and better, but he misses his brother more and more.Lu zhijian wanted to have a portrait of his brother in the same frame.Finally, with the help of students from the College of Fine Arts at Anhui Normal University, Lu zhijian realized his wish of sharing a frame with his younger brother this Spring Festival, and his longing for him finally took shape.Perhaps there are many people like Lu Zhijian and Lu Jian, Wu Qianli and Wu Wanli in the war to resist the United States and aid Korea. Without the bloody struggles of our forefathers, we would not have the peaceful flourishing age today.All personal feelings can only be buried deep in the bottom of my heart in the battlefield filled with gunfire and smoke.On days when they can’t see their families, their comrade-in-arms are their relatives.For the soldiers of the seventh Company, the seventh Company is their home, and their comrades are their families.The Chinese volunteers are all flesh and blood with feelings, which is the biggest difference with the US army.The brotherly love between Wu Qianli and Wu Wanli in the film moved many audiences to tears, but in reality, the story of Lu Zhijian and Lu Jian is even more touching.It is these feelings that make the film so warm. It is because of heroes like Lu Zhijian and his brother Lu Jian that we can have a family reunion in this peaceful time.Salute our ancestors!