“Watergate Bridge” is the big winner, “Xiao Hu Dun Heroes” became a high fragment

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Every parent should take their children to watch “Little Tiger Dun Big Hero” in the New Year of the Tiger.One of the highlights of this year’s Chinese New Year animated film, “Heroes of the Little Tigers”, is the integration of elements of the Chinese lunar zodiac, the atmosphere of family reunion and the martial arts tradition, bringing Chinese animated films to a new level.The story tells the story of a lovely and lovely tiger hat children, under the influence of biaoshi parents, since childhood has a strong interest in darts and darts, will also listen to the story from biaoju to the public book review.After the first dart encounter all kinds of funny circumstances, tiger pier is not perfect to complete the escort task, thus for the second escort Hongshan pig encounter tianxia will lead to the back of a series of stories buried.The story is a series of traditional elements.Zodiac tiger: protagonist Tiger pier, father is one of the five tiger generals hu Hu.Small tiger pier is wearing a tiger hat, in the process of the evil spirit will kill, the killer said he “destroy the world prodigy” at the same time did not forget to say he “wearing a tiger hat” small child characteristics.This zodiac feature coincides with this year’s Lunar Year of the Tiger.Martial arts tradition: darts is one of the traditional industries in China, “loyal darts, mission will reach” is the highest mission of darts.The dangers and frustrations in this process are inevitable.Tiger dun and Yang dart head in the process of protecting darts, encountered bandits, tianshahui killer, shenji bureau, tianshahui black King and big BOSS behind the scenes, after a series of danger for the machine, eventually not only completed the darts, but also revenge for their parents.Chinese traditional martial arts plots through the joint interpretation of Xiaohu Dun and Yang Darang head, in attracting children at the same time, but also let adults with relish.Geomorphic customs: The movie is set in ancient Shanxi and the northwest, where mountains range from the Gobi desert to the landscape.Tiger pier thinking of sliced noodles and people feel very grounded.Reunion atmosphere: The Spring Festival is the day of family reunion, tiger dun in the parents darts left, has been looking forward to their reunion, but also this hope into their own can assume the responsibility of biaoshi behavior.In this reunion expectation of power, tiger pier again and again to take the initiative to darts, after experiencing the jade bottle, red mountain pig, finally and Yang darts head partner by trust together darts and complete the task.Finally, come back for the Spring Festival.Embroider niang, such as Yang total dart head, big headed, lu Mei and big pile to the tiger pier, together.Big headed gave tiger Dun his father’s dart symbol, realizing the reunion.As of Feb 5, “Xiao Hu Dun Heroes” has a score of 9.3 on Maoyan, surpassing hits “Four Seas” and “Leon.”It can be said that in the Year of the Tiger, Watergate Bridge of Changjin Lake is recognized as the big winner, while Xiaohudun Heroes is a highly rated dark horse film.# People’s Movie Viewing Group # # Movie Little Tiger Dun Big Hero #