The price of “sky-high medicine” was lowered to an eight-year-old child in Inner Mongolia

2022-08-08 0 By

The reporter learned from the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region medical insurance Bureau, recently, the Affiliated hospital of Inner Mongolia Medical University for an 8-year-old children with spinal muscle impotence (SMA) for noxinazan sodium treatment.This is the first patient in Inner Mongolia to enjoy the bonus of medical insurance after the “sky-high drug” was greatly reduced and included in medical insurance.So far, the Affiliated Hospital of Inner Mongolia Medical University has treated five children with SMA, ranging in age from 9 to 1.It is understood that Noxinacan sodium is the first approved drug for SMA treatment in China. When entering the Chinese market, the price of each drug is nearly 700,000 yuan. Patients need multiple injections every year and lifelong medication, and many patients can not afford the “high price” and delay treatment.In 2021, after the negotiation of national medical insurance, seven drugs for rare diseases including Noxinacan sodium were included in the list of medical insurance, and the price of this drug was reduced to 33,000 yuan per drug.From January 1 this year, the 2021 version of the National Medical Insurance drug Catalog was implemented in Inner Mongolia.In order to make it easier for patients to take medicine, the Medical Security Bureau of the autonomous region has also included 176 kinds of drugs in the “dual channel” management of medical institutions and pharmacies, 81 of which are special drugs for outpatient service, and drugs for rare diseases such as Noxinacan sodium are also included in the management.The implementation of this policy brings hope to SMA and other patients with rare diseases.Source: Inner Mongolia Daily