The Land Cruiser Landcruiser 4.0 upgrades the HKS supercharging system

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At the age of cross-country, I drove a Dream car with several like-minded cross-country brothers and took my lover to run a lap on the 318 Sichuan-Tibet Line, hit the sand in the Alxa Desert, go through exploration in Kubuqi, go to kaido to feel the gale of Force 10, and then go to Mars base to take a selfie as a memory.Finally, in the quiet and beautiful lake and the desert all over the stars, a pile of bonfire, two people in a row, three people in groups, roast mutton eating skewer, and the lover sweet words to appreciate the autumn hua, and brothers to push a cup for a cup on the horizon, this is our — poetry and distance.The Landcruiser 4000, one of the hardline suVs, has a comfortable driving experience, wide field of view that gives you a “view of the mountains” feeling, and extreme all-terrain off-road capability that will bring you back from wherever you are.Although it is powered by a 1GR engine, its 4.0 displacement does not allow it to take advantage of its advantages everywhere, so many people choose to modify the supercharger to improve the power.Now the modified session has a very popular supercharger, that is the HKS mechanical supercharger from Japan, all original imports, it belongs to the centrifugal mechanical supercharger, relative to the Lu type mechanical supercharger, its efficiency and output performance is better.In contrast to other brands of centrifugal supercharging, HKS ditches the internal gear drive structure in favor of the toothless planetary wheel structure, allowing the drive to achieve a high speed ratio with low vibration and high efficiency.To sum up the advantages of HKS turbocharged kit are: small size, light weight, low noise, high efficiency!HKS Kit diagram Modification List:Japan HKS centrifugal mechanical supercharger body oil can, oil cooling, oil filter, tubing — (used for supercharger lubrication and cooling, independent cooling system) THE United States AEM external computer, wire harness, special adjustment program (pressure computer control between 0.5bar-0.4bar) exhaust valve CNC special fixed bracket, precision machining — (mechanical supercharger driven by belt,Need fixed bracket) additional water tank, air cooled radiator – (intake with water cooling, adopts the whole aluminum epicuticular pressurized air cooling effect is better, ensure the stability of the engine, and short line, cooling air directly to the throttle, torque increase obviously) silicone tube, aluminum tube, screw, the pipe clamp, customized processing, kettle, additional water pump,The complete set of pump support components is tailored for Toyota Land Cruiser, which is efficient, stable, safe and quiet.Supercharging kit body, using HKS GT2 7040 body, the whole kit original position non-destructive installation, original layout.HKS as centrifugal supercharging of beer, the supercharging suite is a lightweight centrifugal supercharging, compressor impeller adopts full cutting forging aluminum, forging double blade, service life is increased by 30%, the output efficiency is higher, its booster ontology using high corrosion resistance of anodic aluminum oxide coating, greatly enhance the stability and durability of the product.HKS centrifugal supercharger is a very reliable product that has been tested in a series of high altitude, high temperature, desert and other environments.Therefore, Toyota Land Cruiser (Land Cruiser, Landcruiser) modified HKS supercharging is a very popular modification program.And the HKS mechanical booster kit does not need to carry out structural transformation of the car body, the original installation, is really non-destructive installation, so that the car body to maintain a high degree of integrity.HKS centrifugal supercharged speed ratio is 1:11, the higher the engine speed, the stronger the output power, is the best choice for large off-road vehicles such as Landcruze.After modification, the 4.0 rodeo horsepower can be increased from 275 to 378, the torque from 385 to 530, and the 100km acceleration from 11.9 seconds to 7.7 seconds. The improvement effect is very obvious.Controlling the intake pressure between 0.4-0.45bar can effectively improve the horsepower output by 40% and torque output by 30% on the basis of the original vehicle.The horsepower of the original 275HP has been modified to 378HP, and the torque of the original 385NM has been modified to 530NM, which is comparable to that of the 5700.After changing HKS supercharger, we no longer worry about insufficient power when overtaking, off-road and mountain climbing. Strong power performance combined with superior vehicle condition and inherent control will bring us infinite driving fun.Tour 4000 lu (parameter) | | (parameters) of the design, the car is special suite, so the whole suite is original lossless installation, not broken line punching and welding, and is an internal small changes to the perfect and engine room.