Tai Xing Baifern opened the screen mode, two series broadcast, two Mario triggered expectations

2022-08-08 0 By

In the past year, Baifern has been a model of Thai entertainment circle almost all year round.Thanks to their efforts in the past, Baifern has kicked off the screen mode this year with three new titles.”Royal necklace” by Baifern and Nine starring, about the abjure noble miss Sroisabunnga (Baifern ornaments) in order to let the family to restore the glory of the past, attempting to marry their heart the most perfect, the most noble man Aiyares,But she meets Tian (Nine), an honest man who loves her deeply and falls into a love triangle.Royal Necklace, Baifern and Nine’s follow-up period drama to Friendship, is already getting a lot of attention before it even premiered.According to statistics, the first four episodes of The royal Necklace were rated 2.004%, 2.131%, 2.748% and 2.694%, respectively.At this rate, a follow-up rating of 3 is almost certain.Starring Baifern, Sean and Richie,Tells the beauty of the designer Nuannuerkaew (Baifern) to marry into the royal sister Nilapat (Richie) came to Muntra Putra town, and prince Giris (Sean) became a fantasy love story.Unlike most Thai dramas, Sari Love does not feature brothers fighting each other or sisters quarrelling. Instead, it shows the deep affection between brothers and sisters, which is especially suitable to watch during the Chinese New Year holiday when the whole family is happy.With its unconventional plot and sophisticated production, Sari Love successfully launched with a premiere rating of 1.583%, with the second episode rating rising to 1.75% and the third episode expected to break 2.After the classic romance “A Little Thing Called Love”, Baifern and Mario once again collaborated on the film “AI Love Story”, which caught many people’s attention.After a gap of 12 years, “Xiao Shui” and “Liang senior student” met again in AI Love Story, which made many netizens call Ye Qinghui.AI Love Story is a romantic love story in which an artificial intelligence robot (Mario) falls in love with a human woman (Baifern) and tries his best to enter a man’s body in order to win the heart of a beautiful woman.Despite not working together for many years, Baifern and Mario still have a tacit understanding, and the more mature acting of the two present an extraordinary sense of CP.”Royal Necklace” will air Monday to Tuesday at 20:25 PM from January 24, “Sari Love” will air every Wednesday and Thursday from February 2, “AI Love Story” will be available via Netflix on February 15, so you can see Baifern’s film and television works almost every day this month.No wonder some fans lament that it is almost impossible to catch up.So, which of Baifern’s three new works, “Royal Necklace”, “Sari Love” and “AI Love Story” do you like best?