Shandong Wendeng Orthopaedic Hospital successfully carried out dual-channel spinal endoscopy technology

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Recently, through active learning and technological breakthroughs, our hospital successfully carried out UBE technology in the spine surgery department by using double-channel endoscopy system and ultrasonic bone knife system, and achieved excellent surgical results in the treatment of lumbar spinal stenosis and lumbar disc herniation, enabling patients to recover quickly.Patient Lian XX, male, was admitted to our hospital due to lumbar disc herniation and spinal canal stenosis. The patient’s lower limb pain was serious and affected walking, so he came to our hospital for treatment.After the joint research of Vice President Yang Yongjun and Director Jiang Chuanjie, we decided to apply UBE technology and ultrasonic bone knife system to perform minimally invasive surgery for patients.During the operation, the UBE technology system was used to expose and explore and perform nerve decompression, and the ultrasonic bone knife system was used to perform bone decompression and expand the spinal canal, which achieved good surgical results.In recent years, minimally invasive techniques in spinal surgery have developed rapidly, especially spinal endoscopy, which is favored by many doctors and patients.After the wide application of single-channel foraminal endoscopic system, the bottleneck problems of narrow operation space and inconvenient operation are encountered. In clinical practice, there is an urgent need for more simple and flexible operation, more extensive indications, better surgical effect and safer operation of dual-channel technology to make up for the above deficiencies.In the past two years, UBE technology emerged as The Times require. Unilateral Biportal Endoscopy is one of the surgical methods of minimally invasive spinal endoscopic therapy.UBE technology and intervertebral foramen mirror single channel is different, the technique, intraoperative usually set up two channels, a channel for observation, a channel for equipment operation, through the same perspective as the open spine surgery for the microscopic operation, more suitable for the spine surgeon habits, short learning curve, equipment more flexible operation, operation channel is wide, can be used a variety of surgical instruments.The same as other minimally invasive techniques can reduce bone, muscle, ligament damage.At the same time, UBE technology has a full range of visual operation field, can adjust the direction according to the scope of decompression, does not change the spatial perception of the operator, so that the operation is more convenient, can clearly identify the surrounding structure, the probability of nerve injury is small, good safety, excellent surgical effect.It is suitable for a variety of minimally invasive operations in lumbar, cervical and thoracic vertebrae, such as nucleus pulposus removal of disc herniation, decompression of spinal stenosis, removal of intravertebral cyst hematoma, endoscopic intervertebral body fusion, etc., which can be conveniently and safely completed.Especially for diseases related to spinal stenosis, it has its unique advantages, which can realize unilateral channel and bilateral decompression, with distinct technical characteristics.Ultrasonic bone knife system is the most advanced international osteotomy system introduced by our hospital in recent years. It can quickly remove bone during surgery without causing collateral damage to adjacent nerve tissues, which is very suitable for the safety requirements of spinal surgery and has obvious advantages compared with the ring saw or grinding drill applied by other medical institutions.Recently, the UBE technology developed in our department perfectly combines the two-channel technology with the ultrasonic bone knife system, which greatly accelerates the operation speed, improves the operation effect and safety, and minimizes the possibility of nerve injury.Fully visualized single-channel spinal endoscopy technology is the single-channel endoscopic technology developed in our department in recent years. It is the most minimally invasive technology in spinal minimally invasive technology, and it is also suitable for spinal stenosis and disc herniation, especially for extreme lateral herniation, which has its unique advantages.The total visual endoscopy technology can choose the lateral or posterior approach according to the surgical needs, and remove the bone barrier under the microscope under direct vision, exposing the nerve layer by layer, avoiding the risk of accidental puncture injury to the nerve root and the dura, and greatly improving the safety of surgery.At the same time, the technology for single channel endoscopic and surgical trauma is small, but the technology channel is narrow, surgical tools co., LTD., flexible operation is not only suitable for the request is not high, pure and simple or operation is not suitable for patients with complex surgery, long-term treatment effect has not been practical verification for the microscopic operation complex and requires thorough decompression patients should be careful to use,Open surgery for these patients is still the current standard.Our spine 2 families and intervertebral foramen mirror system recent years hundreds of patients with relevant treatment, strictly select appropriate cases for minimally invasive treatment, in order to keep the effect of surgical treatment for guiding principles for a long time, only 1 case of recurrence, no intraoperative and postoperative converted to open surgery, the recurrence rate is well below the recurrence rate of literature at home and abroad, received a very good operation effect.In recent years, in view of the minimally invasive spine surgery, the hospital spinal cord timely adjust treatment concept, to the patients with highly responsible attitude, to treat effect as the ultimate goal, actively and steadily carry out single channel intervertebral foramen mirror technology and dual channel endoscopic technology, use of the use of the unique advantages of the technology of all kinds, in a comprehensive grasp each kind of surgical techniques, on the basis of foster strengths and circumvent weaknesses,Strictly grasp the adaptive signs, to avoid improper treatment to patients caused inevitable damage, and constantly improve the level of diagnosis and treatment, improve the effect of surgery, and strive to provide better medical services for the majority of patients, so that the people are satisfied.