“Original” and Yaning: faithfully fulfill the responsibilities and mission of the Party’s press and public opinion work

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On the occasion of the 6th anniversary of The important speech delivered by General Secretary Xi Jinping at the Party’s Press and Public Opinion Work Symposium,Journalists how to seriously implement the yunnan radio and television news public opinion work symposium xi in the party’s general secretary’s important speech spirit, journalists working on how to keep in mind the news public opinion “48” responsibility and mission, and how the internal cohesion “power” in yunnan, external shape “image” of yunnan, interview the party secretary of yunnan radio and television, head and ja-gyeong.Question: General Secretary Xi Jinping’s important speech set out clear requirements for the party’s press and public opinion work under the new circumstances.In the past 6 years, how does Yunnan Radio and TV Station firmly grasp the correct direction of public opinion?He Yaning: Yunnan Radio and Television has always held high the great banner of Xi Jinping Thought on Socialism with Chinese Characteristics for a New Era and guided people with correct opinions.First, adhering to the Party’s overall leadership over the media has always been the “principle” and “soul”.Second, we have always taken the publicity and interpretation of Xi Jinping Thought on Socialism with Chinese Characteristics for a New Era as the main theme.Columns such as Yunnan News Network broadcast and Yunnan-Guangzhou Morning News continue to open a column titled “Yunnan Chapter of The Chinese Dream Written With Continuous Efforts along the Direction of General Secretary Xi Jinping”, in-depth publicity and reporting the vivid situation of keeping in mind your instructions, doing well the tasks assigned by the General Secretary, and completing the yunnan paper with high quality.Third, we must always adhere to the correct guidance of public opinion as a lifeline.Reporter: How does Yunnan Radio and TELEVISION condense “Yunnan strength” internally and build “Yunnan image” externally?He Yaning: Yunnan Radio and TV station always sticks to unity, stability and encouragement, positive publicity, carrying forward the main theme and spreading positive energy.First, we should boost morale with development achievements.It has focused on Yunnan’s development achievements, carried out in-depth publicity on major themes such as “Answer sheet for a New Era”, and published reports on themes such as “Our New Era”.Second, we need to inspire morale with great spirit.Through news, special topics and documentaries, people of all ethnic groups in The province will be encouraged to work hard and forge ahead, centering on major decisions and plans for poverty alleviation, building a moderately prosperous society in all respects, celebrating the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China, and fighting COVID-19, as well as the work requirements of the Provincial Party Committee and the provincial government.In addition, it also actively focused on the strivers and workers from all walks of life in Yunnan in the new era, highlighted the new atmosphere of the new era and the “spirit” of yunnan people’s new journey, eulogizing the people, models of The Times and advanced models, and promoted “Yunling model” and “model of The Times” such as Zhu Youyong, Du Fuguo and Zhang Guimei.At the same time actively carry out public welfare activities.The charity activity of “Love to send test” has been successfully held for 18 sessions.The in-depth selection of “Good people in Yunnan” has become a bright name card of yunnan public welfare activities.Externally, we will continue to focus on our main business and improve our ability to serve the overall interests of the country.Yunnan Radio and Television continues to strengthen its international communication capacity with a view to accelerating the building of a radiation center for South And Southeast Asia.First, we will push for hard implementation of science and technology.With the overseas promotion of Chinese standard wireless digital TELEVISION technology (DTMB) as the starting point, the “Chinese standard” will be promoted to the neighboring countries of Yunnan.Second, the east wind skillfully “access” the world.At present, The domestic coverage of Yunnan SATELLITE TV reaches 1.188 billion people, the national IPTV access rate reaches 100%, and the coverage of about 1 million people in Laos and Cambodia.International channels reach more than 41 million people in Thailand, Laos, Cambodia and northern Myanmar.Make full use of the location advantage of Yunnan and the communication advantage of radio and TELEVISION, further optimize the program content and communication precision of international frequency Vietnamese radio.The third is to create content “soft” sea.We will strive to create high-quality publicity content products, adhere to international expression and accurate communication in target languages, enhance affinity and effectiveness, and strive to create a credible, lovable and respectable Image of China.Reporter: In addition, what other aspects does Yunnan Radio and TELEVISION earnestly implement the spirit of the “February 19” speech?He Yaning: Yunnan Radio and TELEVISION station takes a clear-cut stand on politics, inspires people to fight, persuadespeople with the power of truth, educates people with vivid facts, and constantly consolidates the common ideological basis for all people to unite and struggle.First, enhance the ability of public opinion struggle.Efforts should be made to improve the mechanism for controlling ideology, strengthen the leadership of party committees over ideological work, strengthen the position construction, and build a solid cyber security barrier.Second, scientific supervision by public opinion.We have maintained a constructive supervision program by public opinion, and continued to run a democratic review of political and business practices and a supervision program called Golden Hotline.Third, we will help restore the political ecosystem.Adhere to the anti-corruption publicity work in the province’s party conduct and clean government construction overall to review, plan, promote, actively promote the establishment of discipline inspection and supervision and news publicity link.Continue to play the unique role of mainstream media in the construction of party conduct and clean government, the fight against corruption and the restoration of Yunnan’s political ecology. The column “Party Conduct and Clean Government” has been revised to “Cool Breeze Yunnan”, ranking top ten of China’s TV satisfaction list of Liberal Arts.High standards and high quality filming and production of political Broker Su Hongbo, Clean And Poisonous Yunnan in action, and Hunting: Bribe-briber Said, for the province’s leading cadres to carry out warning education, to build a solid foundation of honesty.Yunnan Daily reporter Long Minfei