Laporta’s magic operation, look at the winter window new aid group photo

2022-08-08 0 By

As is known to all, in the tomei after leaving office, laporta is back again after all these years in Barcelona, as the President of Barcelona, he took over the job just a transfer window, also is the summer window, sold the absolute core of the team, and Leo messi, Barcelona’s strongest players at that time, he also back a lot of the blame.However, The departure of Lionel Messi is not entirely related to him, after all, the club’s financial situation is very difficult to complete the registration of Messi’s huge salary.He did a better job at the Winter Window, except that he did not get rid of the two diehards, Umtiti and Dembele.Under the condition of the winter window funds more nervous, also introduces four foreign aid, including Arsenal striker Obama MeiYang, as well as the wolves top driver was, stars of the future, including Spain torres, recalled alves, is to stabilise the locker room, and help the management team together, Harvey, in general, he was in the winter window operation very bright eye,Also on the premise of a small amount of money, helped Barcelona to complete a large degree of renewal.