“How to Manage Well” What is leadership and leadership style

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Leadership is the ability to inspire team members’ enthusiasm and promote action, as well as the ability to lead team members to do their best to achieve goals.Leadership comes from two aspects, one is the power conferred by the position itself, and the other is the influence of his charisma on others.What is Leadership? As middle and senior managers of enterprises, it is very important to cultivate and improve their leadership skills, which can be obtained through specialized courses (such as various leadership training courses), but mostly from enterprise management practices.Leadership training is a long-term interactive process. Performance management emphasizes the interaction and responsibility sharing between supervisors and employees. Supervisors naturally build their own leadership in the process of practical performance coaching to subordinates.In addition to leadership, another important concept related to leadership is leadership style, which refers to the behavior pattern of a leader.Leaders use different behavior patterns to influence others.Enterprise leadership style is gradually formed in its long-term personal experience, leadership practice, and in the leadership practice consciously or unconsciously stable effect, has a strong personalized color.Every leader has a leadership style that is related to his or her work environment, experience, and personality, and that distinguishes him or her from other leaders.The leadership style of the main leaders will have a certain impact on the formation and shaping of corporate culture, and corporate culture has a great impact on the long-term development of the company.Different management styles are applicable to different management situations. In the era of knowledge economy, democratic and coaching management styles will achieve better results than command management styles.Regardless of leadership style, leaders need to keep their emotions and courage in check.Don’t lose your temper when you are in trouble. Don’t make decisions when you are angry.Take responsibility for solving problems and don’t make promises when you’re happy.For mature enterprises, corporate development strategy and the leadership of senior decision makers are crucial to the stability and long-term development of enterprises.Leadership and strategic decision has a decisive influence on organizational development, this time leaders need to have enough ability to control the complexity, can balance the interests of the long-term and short-term, balance the interests of the new and old employees and the development, balance the relationship between the stability and development, so far as to say that this time the growth of the entrepreneur decides the enterprise’s growth.As a leader, not only should be responsible for the development and performance growth of the enterprise, but also should be responsible for the development of the organization and the growth of organizational ability with a sense of crisis.Excerpted from zhao Guojun’s book Managing Nuclear Energy: How to Promote enterprise Development with Incentives and Constraints.