Chinese football, dare to ask where the road lies?

2022-08-08 0 By

Soon after the wave of change of Chinese football, (1) in some World Cup qualifier on Tuesday again break the bottom line – has lost to the Vietnam team score 3 to 1, this not only makes theory and qualification may completely missed the 2022 World Cup in Qatar, China also has over 62 years never defeat in Vietnam, the day will himself into the history of successfully.When China lost to a Thai youth team in 2013, Fan Zhiyi, one of the country’s most famous footballers, said angrily: “If we go on, we will lose to Vietnam!”General Fan probably did not expect that what he thought was an angry remark turned out to be true.Fan Zhiyi, who is known as a prophet, posted on his personal microblog that night that the National football team needs to change from an early age, through youth training work, teach them how to treat people, know how to make a more reasonable decision under pressure, treat winning and losing reasonably, know that winning is a goal, to accept losing, the process to enjoy……To get back on track.Although compared with Vietnam, China team is still in the “gnawing old money”, but did not hinder the value of China’s national foot crushed Vietnam.It is understood that the price of the Chinese team’s 23-man roster players is as high as 14.825 million euros, while the price of the Vietnamese team’s players is only 4.45 million euros, even the Chinese team’s spare parts are less than.But naturalized players’ salaries are even more staggering than those of homegrown players.Brazilian player Luo Guofu, who attracted much attention during this qualifying tournament, was offered a contract with an annual salary of 40 million yuan as well as a transfer fee of 44 million yuan by Guangzhou Evergrande.These pampered players also get preferential treatment when donning the national shirt.In 2016, the National football Team played in Seoul, using a 50-seat business plane, including 30 first class and 20 business class.The Chinese Football Association has also spent millions of dollars to reduce the number of transfers made by national players.The Chinese table tennis team, who had won four gold MEDALS in five events at the previous World Table Tennis Championships in the United States, flew economy class.In addition, the Chinese players will be able to dine in a converted suite at the five-star luxury hotel, with round-the clock catering provided by a local chef.”The outside world doesn’t know how hard we have to work,” said Li Tie, the former coach of the National team who was recently dismissed.The national football team is indeed a weather vane, but if everyone only looks at the national football team, it will be hard to see a strong national football team. If Chinese football wants to develop well, it must pay off its historical debts.This includes the improvement of youth training, professional league system construction, football field construction, football culture and education concept cultivation, etc., to steadily promote the reform and development of Chinese football step by step, instead of rushing to “leapfrog”.The question is, how many people are willing to put down their immediate achievements and reputations and settle down to make up their historical debts?