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They are the flag-bearers of the Chinese sports delegation in this Winter Olympics, and they are also one of the most “fast” athletes in the Chinese sports delegation.On The 12th, Gao Tingyu and Zhao Dan will have an impact on the MEDALS in their respective events, which is also the biggest highlight of the Day for Chinese ice and snow athletes.The men’s 500-meter speed skating competition will be held on The afternoon of December 12.In the speed skating competition, the average speed of skaters exceeds 50 kilometers per hour, which is the fastest sport that can be achieved by human power without the help of equipment and external forces.China’s Gao Tingyu won bronze in this event at the 2018 Pyeongchang Winter Olympics.For speed skating such a pure body type of ice events, the physical condition of the Chinese athletes do not dominate such a result, it is commendable.In the past four years, Gao tingyu’s training competition has been maintained at a high level, especially her ability in the first 100 meters has gained international recognition.In mid-November last year, he won his first World Cup gold medal in Poland by setting a new field record of 34.26 seconds.Gao took the silver medal in 33.876 seconds in Calgary.Before the Games began, Gao said he hoped to “change the MEDALS to a different color.”On Saturday afternoon, he will give his Olympic dream a go.Another flag bearer for China’s Olympic sports delegation is Zhao Dan, a women’s skeleton bobsledder.Steel-frame bobsled is one of the fastest sports at the Winter Olympics.In the first two rounds of women’s steel frame bobsled competition on The 11th, Zhao Dan’s overall result ranked 4th, another Chinese player Li Yuxi provisional 10th.The remaining two rounds of the event will be played on Tuesday evening.[Editor: Yao Shuai][Source: Hunan Daily · New Hunan client]