China locked in third place!The United States was fourth, Norway won 16 gold MEDALS and Germany finished strong in the winter Olympics gold medal tally

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Beijing time on February 20, the Beijing Olympics last end of the day, in the end man in a hockey game, Finland 2-1 reverse beat Russia’s President, took the last gold of the games, so far all the 109 gold MEDALS, the final medal tally has officially determine, Norway dominating the first 16 gold, Germany 12 gold ranks second,China 9 gold narrowly beat the United States ranked third, the United States 8 gold 9 silver ranked fourth, Sweden 8 gold 5 silver 5 bronze ranked fifth, the Netherlands 8 gold 5 silver 2 bronze ranked sixth, Austria seventh, Switzerland eighth, The Russian Olympic team ranked ninth, France ranked 10th, Japan ranked 12th, South Korea only 2 gold ranked 14th!Norway was the best team of the Games, winning 16 gold and 37 MEDALS to lead both the gold and medal tables by a wide margin.Biathlon (six), cross-country skiing (five), Nordic biathlon (two), speed skating (one), ski jumping (one) and freestyle skiing (one).In addition, There are three gold Kings in Norway: Johannes Tinneth Boer of Norway won 4 gold and 1 bronze, Matt Olsbul-Resselan won 3 gold and 2 bronze, and Thrace Johaug won 3 gold!Germany team is the second very good delegation of the Olympic Games, got 12 gold 27 MEDALS, ice and snow strength is very strong, the three almost monopolized project sled contribution 4 gold, snow 3 gold, steel snow 2 gold, the other is biathlon 1 gold, cross-country skiing 1 gold, Nordic two gold!China the games at home, right place, right time, and got a record of nine golds, made a breakthrough in many projects, some even still broke the Olympic record, 9 gold MEDALS distributed in freestyle skiing 4 gold, figure skating, 1 gold, 2 gold short track speed skating, snowboarding, 1 gold, 1 gold speed skating.Gu Ailing became the biggest winner of the Chinese team. With super strength, she had harvest in all the three events she participated in, with 2 gold MEDALS and 1 silver MEDALS.Four games veteran Xu Mengtao and JiGuangPu and SuiWenJing/Han Cong climb the highest podium at home and read a dream make up for the regret, especially SuiWenJing/Han Cong this gold medal is really too important, not only 12 years to help China to seize the gold medal in pairs, but also help China surpassed the United States, locking the finished third place successfully!The play to the United States team is a little bad, curling of men and women are not into the finals, ice hockey is not the final, although women’s hockey finals but lost out to Canada, the only bright spot is a shock from Germany on snowmobiles projects take 1 gold, other 7 refusing the figure skating 1 gold, 1 gold, speed skating snowboarding three gold, freestyle skiing 2 gold.The Eight gold MEDALS on the Swedish team are very evenly distributed — one in curling, two in freestyle skiing, two in speed skating, one in biathlon, one in cross-country skiing, and one in alpine skiing.All eight gold MEDALS for the Dutch team came from the ice rink, including two in short track speed skating and six in speed skating.From the final gold medal list, most of the top ten are European countries, which shows that European countries are in the leading position in the world in ice and snow sports. Other countries still need to work hard, and we hope that more countries can join in ice and snow sports in the future!