Yi Custom Community Cultural block was selected into the provincial night economy demonstration block list in 2021

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A total of 353 words, reading time of about 3 minutes official publicity!2021 provincial night economy demonstration block list has been publicized xi ‘an Yi Custom Community cultural block successfully selected!For old Xi ‘an people, this neighborhood is not easy. 2021,Easy common club culture blocks as the only one in xian qin culture as the theme of blocks with all human feelings and childhood memory blockbuster regression trend in the east street youth, version gens, web celebrity higher-ups fashion clock must not only have the old cluster let you street tasted all kinds of food and the toho “creative theme blocks take you seconds back to the” 80 s”At present, the epidemic has entered the final stage. Yi Wu Community Culture Block has reopened today. Without further words, let’s take our relatives and friends to experience the charm of this street