What the material inside system writes is good, promote promotion fast really?Here are three truths you need to know

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Article: this question I will this article is the public number “introduction to the system guide” exclusive manuscript, the content of the article is the author’s personal views, does not represent the views of the public number, unauthorized, shall not be reproduced, or will be investigated for legal responsibility.No matter you have ashore, must hear others say so: now the organ of the unit is particularly short of people who write well, if you can write materials, a few years on the mention.Of course, after finishing this sentence, there will be an example, that who wrote for several years, now to a town when the mayor, clear-eyed people can see, that is to go gold-plated, after two years of estimation to mention.As long as you can write a good article, you will get a promotion, pay rise and marry Bai Fumei. After listening to this, Wang Dahammer will call you an expert.There is a saying in The Selected Works of MAO Zedong that if a gun and a pen are used, revolution requires two poles.It can be seen that a good article has the power to penetrate the back of the paper and hit the heart.When reviewing the discussion, every time I read the wonderful paragraphs of “Half Moon Talk”, I secretly exclaimed and wondered how they came up with these sentences.Working for five years, after my observation, the pen can rise to the top, although related to ability, but also not completely ability.One, the organ lacks the person that writes material is a fact, but write good you just have a chance I once attended several times to choose, no matter central arrive local, all examination paper has only one kind of question type, that is: writing.Even such business departments as tax bureau, municipal department level, and even special agents will not appear other than writing questions.I was very strange at that time, commissioner office is not to each tax bureau supervision?Take an examination of writing, that pick out a pile of good writing business bad, can the inspector see understand data?Later just know, the current situation of these organs is, business good person is too easy to find, but the person who can give material is really a thousand pick one.Take our unit as an example, a young man just promoted as deputy section chief this year, according to relevant provisions, to write a personal biography, scratching the cheek for three or four days, and finally hard hold out a, but also by people to teach the division hit back to let revise.But when you put him to work, it’s like a top three, working overtime, checking the numbers, and everybody gives a thumbs-up.As a result, if you write really well, you’re not on the same track as the people who can do the work.Both tracks may have to promote a cadre, one is full of people, one is just a few individuals, who will be more likely, the answer is self-evident.In our unit, there is a deputy director of the office. In this election, through several years of writing and training, the leader’s favor, finally stood out and became the section chief of the assessment office, realizing the progress in his official career.If you want to achieve progress in your career by writing materials, there is a good writing style that is just the basis.The author once joined a group of correspondents inside a unit, which are all pens of a unit.Every day when I wake up, there are dozens of messages in a group, which are briefings from all over the country.You open every brief, you feel them waving to the leader, look, look, I write good, I can write big material, the leader look at me, promote me.But the harsh reality is that who you write for determines whether or not you get the bonus of writing for it.Many people in a municipal unit, to a section chief to write materials, so even if the section chief feel your level again high, as your bo Le, but he is still, how will promote you?In a city-level unit, even if you are a deputy director and your supervisor appreciates you, he only has the right to make suggestions, but does not have the right to make decisions.One of my classmates working in the organization Department wrote for the minister for a long time. When the minister was promoted, he became the mayor of a town.This is an example of how writing material has taken off.If writing materials for the first leader is to pay and have a return, then writing materials for others, I still advise you to have a normal heart.And the newsletter group as long as it’s a newsletter, of course, we can say that a newsletter is an indicator of a person’s writing potential.But if you touch the big stuff, you’ll know that your briefs look like a joke to the pen.Much of the material was written with a pen that stayed up all night. Every word was carefully considered and had its own meaning.If you are committed to the pen line, or to formal own ability, do not overestimate.There is a question on Zhihu that is particularly interesting: which one should I choose, the cadres of the Tax Bureau or the secretaries of the Organization Department?The questioner was a thirty-four-year-old, somewhat confused about his current situation.Many people advised him to go to the organization department if he had the opportunity, and he understood the current situation of the tax bureau.But they didn’t pay attention to the age of the questioner, who was 34, an age when his parents’ health is declining.Everyone’s energy is limited, and if you focus on one aspect, you won’t have time to focus on the other.If you focus too much on your job, you’re not paying enough attention to your family, your parents, or even your own health.Of course, you must know which comes first, and WHAT I want to remind you of here is whether you can afford to pay the price.A good article is to change out, a lot of pen hair is not very optimistic.In my opinion, every hair lost from the pen is a milestone on the way up.Until the rest of his hair has its own name, his climb to the top is unlikely.According to the introduction of the organ big pen, now baidu article quality is too low, want to give the leadership, it must be original, want to see a lot of original literature, rack their brains to deliberate statement.Sometimes it takes seven or eight drafts to produce a manuscript, and I have to work until one or two days a week.As I said earlier, if a person has to work overtime every day.So many things naturally do not have time to take into account, such as the old sick, children pick up, wife accompany, and even their own health.All in all, you have to lose something if you want to progress in politics.Many people overestimate the benefits of promotion and underestimate the costs of promotion.The final result may be different from what you think, and you begin to live a very twisted, in my opinion, is not particularly desirable.Once one of my colleagues was transferred to the municipal Party committee office. He told me that after my research, many senior officials had a secretarial background.His eyes sparkled as he said this, as if he were the next lucky one.But WHAT I want to say is that in the system, 90 percent of the people end up being just clerks in their whole lives, maybe there will be a change in rank, but it’s far, far from a career in the secular sense.At work, we have a conscience on the line, work well, rest well.Don’t be so burdened with thoughts.Finally, if you are the chosen one and you are in a leadership position, congratulations.If not, don’t be too depressed. Your work is only a small part of your life, so you don’t have to devote all your efforts to it. It’s also a good choice to spend time with your family and cultivate hobbies.Is it easier to get promoted? It’s easier.But you know, after all, success is a few, in case of no results, do not collapse mentality.Like Sun Liancheng in The Name of the People, at least he has a vast universe.Introduction to the system guide, a civil servant group created the public number, welcome attention!