The first lesson of the school is safe

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On the first day of school, the women’s Committee organization Office of jiangxi Provincial Public Security Department directly under the Department of Women volunteers came to Nanchang Normal Affiliated Primary school Honggutan school district to carry out the “first lesson of school women safe line” to teach into the campus activities. Let’s walk into the classroom together!The whole lecture centered on five themes: traffic safety education, anti-drowning safety education, wildlife protection education, mental health education and garbage sorting education.Traffic safety education based on the characteristics of lower grade students, volunteer teachers in a comprehensible language explained the walk to the students and the points for attention during the ride, and by playing animation, video, visual image to present the “how to safely cross the road”, “how to safely walk”, “how to regulate to ride a bicycle”, “how safe ride” and other traffic safety knowledge,Let the students realize the importance of obeying the traffic rules.Through “egg helmet” experiment, let students understand the importance of wearing a safety helmet, and the three steps of wearing a helmet, enhance children’s interest in safety helmet exploration.Prevention of drowning safety education Cherish life, prevent drowning.The volunteer teachers gave interesting lessons to the students in a question-and-answer manner.Combined with pictures, videos and live demonstrations, we patiently and carefully explained to the students what is drowning, how to save themselves when drowning, how to deal with their partner falling into the water, how to prevent drowning and matters for attention in swimming.Students responded enthusiastically and actively interacted.Finally, the volunteer teacher led the students to read the anti-drowning safety rhyming.The finless porpoise is the smiling angel of the Yangtze River.But with the passage of time, time changes, the past common finless porpoises, now hard to find traces.The aquatic species represented by the finless porpoise deeply affects our hearts.Taking finless porpoise as the starting point, the volunteer teacher vividly told the students about wildlife knowledge and the importance of wildlife protection, and sang the happy song “You are so beautiful when you smile” to stimulate the students’ awareness of wildlife protection.Under the guidance of volunteer teachers, students practiced finger exercises to express gratitude and love hugs to enhance friendship with their friends.At the same time, a variety of psychological games to guide students to learn gratitude, love life, positive and enterprising.In order to make the students develop a good habit of garbage classification, the volunteer teacher explained the little knowledge of garbage classification vividly and interestingly to the students, and distributed the garbage classification manual to each student present.I hope the students form a habit from childhood, do a good job of garbage sorting, waste into treasure, build a beautiful home together.The whole lecture was diverse and wonderful, and the students listened with interest and enthusiasm.After the activity, each student also received a nice gift from the volunteers.Through this activity, students have mastered the knowledge of safety, enhanced their awareness of safety and improved their ability to save themselves.Source/Women’s Commission of directly under the Department