Often the brine that buys in brine shop really can add antidiarrheal medicine?Marinade chefs reveal trade secrets

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Often in the brine shop to buy the brine really can add antidiarrheal medicine inside?Today we can get to the truth.Recently a lot of friends hearsay, listen to others say that in order to prevent customers from eating marinated vegetables after diarrhea, and then in the marinated vegetables inside the anti-diarrhea medicine, in the end there is no such thing?I’m here to talk to you about this.First of all, it is certainly impossible to add antidiarrheal drugs to marinated vegetables, because so far diarrheal drugs are medicines, not food, so it is definitely forbidden to add to food, this is beyond doubt.The second point is related to some antidiarrheal effects of the marinated vegetables. In fact, we know that the marinated vegetables use a lot of spices, which are also Chinese herbal medicines to a large extent. So these spices, in addition to adding fragrance to the marinated vegetables, actually have a certain health care pharmacological effect.Some spices set seasoning, and stomach, stomach, diarrhea and so on a series of health functions in a suit.So today I would like to share with you a group of commonly used marinated spices, which can have certain antidiarrheal pharmacological effects.These common spices, including cinnamon, amomum, lemongrass, pepper, Chinese prickly ash, this group of spices is antiseptic bacteriostasis function to a certain extent, especially the cinnamon, lemongrass, Chinese prickly ash, antiseptic bacteriostasis ability is very good, and then sweet sand is a role with nourishing the stomach and the stomach, and then pepper is nourishing the stomach and the stomach, antidiarrheal anti-nausea effect.Thus, it can be seen that the anti-corrosion and antibacterial effect of these spices can make the food material brine play the role of quality preservation and antibacterial.In fact, to some extent, but also for us to eat the brine after diarrhea and laid a firm foundation.So we put these spices in the marinade in good use, can give us a great role in the marinade!So it is not like everyone spread said marinated vegetables with antidiarrheal drugs, is certainly impossible, but also illegal.So say some simple, ordinary spices, in fact, its role is not as simple as we see by the naked eye, not only in fragrance, but also in health care above has a certain role.So I think the biggest charm of Sichuan gravy is not that the flavor is very strong, but that some functions of various aspects are combined together.The above is to share some information to you, I hope to help you brine practitioners!Pay attention to me, take you to know more lo wei entrepreneurial dry goods!To learn more about lo Wei technology, click the link below!Get entrepreneurial support package, and all the technical formula!Click here to learn more about the education package