Marry three years, wife abandon home condition bad, husband: you see your mother all did what

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For men, the wife’s every move, behavior is related to the specific direction of the whole family, therefore, to marry a gentle and family-oriented woman, is the biggest dream in the hearts of most men.After three years of marriage, Mr. Wu has been struggling for the family, and in the end, he can not go back home several times a year. But even so, his wife still dislikes Mr. Wu for not working hard enough to meet their expectations of life.Later, there was a fierce quarrel between the two. His wife disliked the poor conditions at home and her husband’s inability. Mr. Wu finally couldn’t hold back and blurted out a sentence: Can you blame me for our current life?Mr Wu and his wife met on a blind date and then got along with each other for a period of time before they established a relationship, and a year later, the wedding date was set.His wife was good at everything, generous, family-oriented and sensible, but she had one shortcoming, that is, she listened to her mother too much. At that time, Mr. Wu thought that it was not a bad thing to listen to her parents, and he also cared about his parents’ feelings and put himself in their own shoes. Mr. Wu also understood his wife very well.However, when they got engaged, his wife’s mother proposed a very high betrothal price and said there was no room for discussion. Thinking that after all, they would live together after marriage, Mr. Wu discussed with his then fiancee wife whether she could persuade his mother to pay less betrothal price.My wife, however, was not impressed. She said, My mother said, That’s all. If you love me, you have to bring it out.Mr. Wu had no way to do this, and at that time his relatives and friends know that they are going to get married, if stuck at this juncture, then he will undoubtedly become relatives and friends after dinner joke, a bite, Mr. Wu agreed to come down.However, Mr. Wu after all is limited ability, coupled with the purchase of marriage, his hands this is not how much savings, all helpless, he can only borrow relatives and friends, and promised, in three years after marriage, try to return.However, in the wedding day, the wife’s dowry only a quilt, to this, Mr. Wu is thoroughly see through the true face of his wife’s family.But, when the marriage owed the favor, only after marriage through their own efforts slowly to repay, in this three years, has been the majority.However, just because of this, thus ignoring his wife’s feelings, these three years, she has been with his own suffering, so occasionally between, in the face of his wife’s dislike, Mr. Wu can only swallow humble remarks, after all, in the final analysis, or because of their own ability is not enough.But make Mr Wu feel angry is, obviously now his own life has enough hardship, but as his wife’s mother, looking at his wife living in poverty and poverty in the environment, not only did not say anything, sometimes the shortcomings of the home, will find his wife, which eventually became Mr Wu’s fuse.His wife is very good in other aspects, but is too obedient to his mother, in his wife began to dislike Mr Wu condition is not good that moment, Mr Wu will know that this is certainly his mother-in-law.Therefore, Mr. Wu in unbearable, say that sentence: all this, is not your mother’s reason?Look what she did before and after we got married!When his wife heard Mr. Wu’s words, she also fell into a long silence. Maybe her wife knew what the deep reason for this life was at the beginning, but she chose to escape and piled all the faults on her husband.Conclusion: the wife always disliked the poor family conditions, but she did not want to think, if there was no huge bride price, now the couple’s life is how happy, and Mr. Wu does not have to go out to work every day, also not owe so many favors.