It’s about everyone with big feet!Don’t miss the good news

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Are you still struggling to make ends meet in 2022?Those who want to find a job or start a business should pay attention to the good news of these policies. Don’t miss it!Employment and Entrepreneurship Policy publicity live broadcast of the Online Recruitment activity of Dazu District Spring Breeze Action and Employment Assistance Month 2022 14:00-15 February 11th:40 sponsored by the dazu county area of human social security bureau official employment entrepreneurship policy about live and the successful hosting of the event is not only a successful ending the entire free more $1000 cash bonus capricious rob live dazu county area in the process of human resources and social security bureau chief Jiang Shihui through the lens to introduce the basic situation of dazu county area and according to different groups share briefly venturing positive policies bring about itIndustry business policy to preach on live radio, dazu county district employment and talents center related department head, business backbone to set the scene for you to explain the professional venture guarantee loans youth employment apprentice, unemployment insurance, employment policy, vocational guidance, vocational training and other policies bring about venturing to preach on live radio, the air,Job-seekers enthusiasm online ask relevant employment business problems and can receive reply immediately never leave home can control the employment business information bring about employment entrepreneurship policy preach on live radio, according to statistics, the employment entrepreneurship policy about live online watch have accumulated more than 80000 person-times ultra much practical knowledge of employment entrepreneurship dry let you at home can harvest was not involved in full friend also need not regretThe year of 2022 has already begun. Have you found your dream job?The spring breeze action officially sponsored by dazu Human Resources and Social Security Bureau promotes employment and creates a warm life in hometown 2022 Spring Breeze action and Employment assistance month online recruitment activities are in hot progress!Never leave home in the home easy to find a job dazu county local enterprise good jobs you want to know can know this online network recruiting activity will continue until mid-march so far, the existing nearly 300 unit of choose and employ persons inside approach provide nearly 1000 jobs recruitment, hiring nearly 10000 people are still not act involved friends hurry hurry up!Get a good job and stay in Dazu, now!▲ Identify the top two-dimensional code, immediate recruitment attention!Pay attention!There will also be 4 job fairs on site, with lots of high-quality jobs waiting for you to come here at the time and place. Please prepare your resume and participate in the job fairsThe 2022 Dazu Spring Breeze Action and Employment Assistance Month online job fair will allow you to easily find a job at home with five insurance and one housing fund, paid vacation, food and housing…In order to help job seekers better and faster employment, the job fair also carried out a questionnaire survey activities, which will continue until February 15 oh!Employment do not have to go far away, also do not have to leave home do not worry about unable to take care of the old people at home children on the doorstep of a good job while working to earn money, while taking care of home foot people do not miss!Get involved!Job hunting in Dazu on dazu life recruitment network!Job search job identification below the TWO-DIMENSIONAL code to add dazu life recruitment website customer service wechat can enjoy “one to one” recommended positions oh job seekers friends can also identify the following two-dimensional code into dazu job search and employment group in the group to obtain recruitment information, if you have any questions, welcome to consult recruitment sister: 173 3862 8458 Yangmei: 181 8306 9467 Xixi sister:173 2348 6470 Ever: 130 3233 6079